Cheap Things To Do In The School Holidays

Cheap Things To Do In The School Holidays

If you’re in the midst of school holidays or they have just stared, sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do with the kids that won’t break the bank. There are only so many movies you can take the kids before the budget runs out.

I thought it might be a great idea to give you some bright ideas on cheap things to do in the school holidays so here are my top 5:

#1 cheap things to do in the school holidays – Make a Music Video.

  • Pick a song the kids love then make a music video to accompany it.
  • The kids can pick out a wardrobe, you can add some make up and then they can practice a routine.
  • Then, get out your phone or video camera and record the whole thing then have fun watching it back – a great keepsake for the kids 21st birthday party.

#2 cheap things to do in the school holidays – Mini Olympics.

  • Get the kids running around all day when you make your own Olympics in the back yard.
  • Pick a couple of events like: Who can jump the highest on the trampoline, the limbo, egg and spoon race, treasure hunt and play dough shot put.
  • Get the kids to make some medals before hand with ribbons and foil then have a great medal ceremony when all the events are over.
  • If you kids love to dance, you could also include an opening ceremony for them to produce.

# 3 cheap things to do in the school holidays – Get Baking.

  • My kids love it when I tell them that they can run the show so if your kids are old enough, hand the kitchen over to them and be the ‘helper’ for tasks like cutting and using the oven.
  • Check out our previous list of Super Easy Recipes for Cooking with Kids and pick one or two recipes or buy a simple cake mix.
  • You can always simply eat what you make or give them to family and friends or take them with you when you go on a play date in the holidays

#4 cheap things to do in the school holidays – Get to the Library!

  • Check out your local library, often they will have special school holiday activities you can join in.
  • Give older kids a challenge and ask them to research a special topic and find books that will help them

#5 cheap things to do in the school holidays – Make Home-made Gloop.

  • All you’ll need for this fun activity is cornflour & water (plus colouring and glitter are a great optional extra).
  • This is an activity you’ll want to do outside or somewhere easy to clean.
  • Use large deep trays to contain the mess as much as you can.
  • Check out this video on ‘How to make gloop’ from

We hope you enjoy your holidays and spending time with the kids.

Until next time,




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