Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Kid Kritics Approved Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with just 3 ingredients?  Yes and it is decadent! But, it’s not really ice cream although it could fool a lot of people, including the kids. A smooth, creamy consistency paired with the rich taste of peanut butter and cocoa. We love that it doesn’t have any added sugar … just what’s in the banana. You could even serve this “ice cream” for breakfast. We’re willing to bet that even self proclaimed banana-haters will like it! Also, no fancy machines required – just a food processor.

  • – 2 large or 3 small ripe frozen bananas (remove skin off before freezing)
  • – 2 tbsp of natural, creamy peanut butter
  • – 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

1) Cut up banana into 1cm slices and freeze, best to leave over night. 2) Add peanut butter and cocoa powder to food processor with frozen banana slices. 3) Blend about 3 minutes or until reach a smooth consistency like ice cream. Scrape sides and bottom of food processor as needed. 4) Serve immediately before it starts to melt!

NOTE – Try to make just as much Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream as needed. It’s quick and easy to leave banana slices in the freezer and whip this up in a few minutes when you have the urge. If you freeze any leftovers it will be too hard to serve right away. But, leave it out on the counter for 20 minutes or so and it will taste good (but it won’t have the same consistency as when it was first made).

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