Construction Surveyor: Who, Why, and All That You Need to Know

Construction Surveyor: Who, Why, and All That You Need to Know

Construction surveyor’ is the term used for a professional who conducts surveys for construction projects. As the construction project involves a large amount of capital, all the concerned parties ensure that every aspect is perfectly taken care of.

Therefore, they hire experts to meet the various requirements regarding cost estimation, quality assurance, legal compliance, and other matters. Construction surveyors are also one of these experts. As the name suggests, they are the professionals in the field of surveying. Now, you might get confused between the ‘construction surveyor’ and the ‘land surveyor’ as the latter is a more commonly used term.

However, there is a difference between the two. Land surveyors carry out the survey of a plot of land, whereas, construction surveyors carry out the survey of a construction site. Along with the construction site, a construction surveyor also reviews the construction plan. The difference between the two is not just limited to the scope of work as the objective of these types of surveyors also varies from each other.

You will be able to understand this difference better once you learn more about construction surveyors. We have covered the essential information about the construction surveyors in this article. If you are willing to enter the construction industry, this article can prove to be helpful to you. Continue reading…

Who is a Construction Surveyor?

When construction projects are planned and executed, a variety of arrangements take place. A lot of resources in terms of time, money, and efforts get invested. As construction activities are a crucial part of the economy of every country, government departments create and implement a set of necessary rules for ensuring safety, productivity, quality, and transparency.

So, all the parties, namely, a real estate company, civil engineer, site supervisor, and architect, have to abide by these rules. Commissioning the construction survey is one of these rules as this survey helps to find out whether the proposed designs and drawings of a new structure meet the recommended parameters or not.

A person who performs the construction survey, i.e., a construction surveyor acquires the qualification, training, and license to work in this field. Construction surveyors can opt to work individually or in a surveying company, depending on their individual needs and goals. Surveyors even have the choice to specialise only in construction survey or other types of surveys as well.

Why is Construction Survey a Must?

Construction survey is a tool used for assessing the feasibility of the designs and drawings made for building a new structure. The civil engineer gives all the documents, whether they are physical or virtual, to the surveyor. They also share additional information which is not mentioned in the documents.

Then, the surveyor studies these documents carefully by utilising their knowledge and experience. They go through all the details ranging from elevation and boundaries to plumbing lines and electricity lines. The motive behind conducting a construction survey is to check the practicality of different facets of a structure.

Once the construction work gets completed, the construction surveyor confirms whether the structure has been built by considering their inputs or not. Then, they issue the ‘as-built’ certificate for the newly built structure. Construction surveys are important for a wide variety of construction projects, including but not limited to, buildings, dams, bridges, highways, roads, and parks.

As the surveyor finds the flaws in the designs and drawings before the construction begins, the wastage of money, time, and labour can be avoided. Therefore, a construction survey is a must for every structure, irrespective of its type, size, location, or use.

Wrapping Up

Construction surveyors can evaluate the construction plan, ascertain the boundaries of the land, and provide useful recommendations to builders, civil engineers, and site supervisors. Whenever you need to hire a construction surveyor, you should take into certain factors, like reputation and experience.

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