Cooking Masterchef Style For The Family – Thanks Lynton Tapp

Cooking Masterchef Style For The Family – Thanks Lynton Tapp

Here is Vicki & Sue’s story for Cooking Lynton Tapp’s recipes for their families.

Vicki’s Family

During the school holidays, the kids and I tried out the Chicken Nuggets and Chips Recipe we added to our website a few weeks ago, supplied to us by Lynton Tapp – Masterchef Runner-Up 2013.

We loved watching Masterchef last year and were hoping Lynton would win, so we were very excited when we got to make our dinner ‘Masterchef Style”.

Both the chicken nugget crumb and the sweet potato chips require rosemary so off to the garden we went to collect a couple of sprigs. The kids always seem to get excited when we can find things in the garden for dinner.


The next part of the dish required sprinkling the rosemary as well as some salt over the sweet potato. Ava, my little kitchen helper loved this job.


But, the most exciting part of preparing dinner came from ‘dipping’ the chicken into flour, egg and crumb before backing. This very messy job was the highlight of Ava’s day.


And then finally, after a little while in the oven we ended up with our delicious dinner.

My tip for younger kids with more delicate tastebuds, you could always add a little less salt to the crumb.








Sue’s Family

I have been checking out the other recipe Lynton Tapp gave up – Lamb Shoulder with Cumin and Flatbread.  I had my gorgeous sister in law and sweet little niece over from the UK so we had a bit of a family get together  – 6 kids under 6 (including one who started walking that week – congrats JC!) and 6 adults. I was super busy with other things during the day so had very little time to cook, so slow cooking was a quick and simple solution.

The recipe takes 8 hrs to cook in the oven. I knew I would be out all day and was a bit nervous about leaving my slightly dodgy oven on unattended for that long so I did it in the slow cooker. When I bought the shoulder the butcher kindly offered to cut through the bone a bit for me so I could fit it in the slow cooker. This was a great idea of his otherwise I think I might have had some trouble fitting it in.

cut lamb

I then did exactly as per Lyntons recipe. Essentially I added the spice paste and cooked for 8 hrs!  When I came home, the house smelled amazing. I threw together the yoghurt dip, cucumber and garnishes in no time at all.  My finished product:

photo 3

Not bad looking I thought!

I served it with the flatbread and I made an extra few salads for the side as we had quite a few people. Everyone loved it – they raved about the taste and how tender and juicy the lamb was.  The yoghurt was a huge hit too and we used the leftover as a dip with some vege sticks the next day. I particularly loved the earthy flavour of the cumin and the ease at which the meat shreaded off the bone.


Why not take a look at the other recipes by Lynton in our Over & Under 17 Minutes Recipe Pages:

–  Kangaroo Sausage Rolls with Tomato and Date Sauce

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Thanks Lynton for your fabulous recipes and for making our family meals stress free and delicious!


Vicki & Sue


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