Could You and Your Partner Use Some Quality Time…….Apart?

Could You and Your Partner Use Some Quality Time…….Apart?

When we experience trouble in our relationships, many of us double our efforts to spend time with our partners. We go on more date nights and get into the habit of putting our phones down when we’re together. Some of us even take romantic breaks and attempt to recreate the love we shared during earlier, more carefree times. In short; we strive to become a more significant part of each other’s lives. 

There’s no denying that these methods often work. Doubling up on date nights can be a fantastic way to rekindle a spark, while joint pursuits like couples counselling can go a long way towards addressing underlying issues. What you might not realise is that making an effort to spend time apart can also work wonders on the love front. 

Often when couples aren’t getting along, doubling up on efforts can result in further arguments. While joint therapy sessions are always a good idea, then, it may be worth reassessing how you approach your relationship at home. If your efforts haven’t worked until now, it may be worth making more effort to spend time apart so that you can enjoy the following relationship benefits.

A chance to miss each other

When you never have a chance to miss someone, it’s easy to stop appreciating them when they’re around. It may seem like a cliche, then, but scheduling time apart can actually help you remember what it is that you enjoy about each other’s company. This needn’t be anything extreme. It could be that you make an effort to go out with friends instead sometimes, or that you do something in the other room rather than always sitting together. Either way, you’d be surprised how much closer this could make you feel. 

An opportunity to learn more about relationships

Believe it or not, spending more time apart can also help you to learn about relationships than you might if you made more of an effort to spend time together. That’s because you’ll start spending more time with friends and family members. You may even begin advising them on their romantic relationships. And, as you do, the chances are that you’ll also start to work through and assess problems at home in ways you might not have been able to otherwise. 

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A better understanding of your needs

Often, relationship troubles occur because we fail to take care of our needs. Instead, we’re too busy ensuring that our partners are happy and healthy. This can lead to resentments and, unsurprisingly, arguments. If you keep bickering with your loved one, then, time alone could be what you need to meet your personal needs. It could be that you take a pamper day, or simply that you embark on something for yourself, like an evening class or a gym membership. Either way, you can then return to your relationship refreshed and ready to address your needs according to your partner once again. All without the bitterness which can come from too much time together!

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