Creative Ideas to Transform Your Home

Creative Ideas to Transform Your Home

Home is not home without being around the people you love all the time. It’s great to live with your family at home, and your home must be made comfortable to you and every one by all means. A healthy environment calls for a well organized, well-maintained home. Regardless of whether you live in a big bungalow or a small apartment, size doesn’t matter. What matters is how you’re able to make the most out of what you already have. There are several ways you can go by to transform the appearance of your home completely.

By that, we don’t mean that it’s necessary to invest in fancy, expensive furniture or go for a ‘modern look’ makeover. You can stay true to your style with a retractable roof in Sydney and personal preference all while being budget/pocket-friendly whether it involves throwing in a splash of colour, replacing your furniture with new or vintage pieces instead, working on the existing furniture and giving it a whole new look. Making a few adjustments and tweaks to your home can do a lot more than you’d expect. If you have a pre-furnished house, you must add your style to it so that you have a ‘feel at home’ vibe considering some of the adjustments are self-customized by you.

You don’t have to go crazy and renovate the entire house, but just working on a few focal points gradually can give your house a whole new look. You can always look forward to consulting a professional interior/furniture designer or colour expert for further assistance on what they think might be best according to your home, or an even better idea is to follow your instinct and take matters into your own hands. Try out some of the methods you find suitable listed below that can help you gain some inspiration and transform your home entirely.

  • Focal/accent wall

Choose any wall in your house that you feel noticed by most of the guests that enter your home. If you find trouble doing that simply enter your home and notice the first wall you lay your eyes on. Instead of having it normally painted like the rest of your walls, a good way to instantly transform your house is to bring more attention to that focal wall by adding wallpaper to it, decorating with wood panels or bricks for a cottage style, or to make things more special maybe even get you and your kids to splash some colour on a white wall.

  • Royal touch 

Nothing screams more royal then velvet and colours like plum purple, royal blue, blood red, etc. Consider getting yourself some velvet pieces of furniture such as dining chairs, a velvet recliner or even a hint of velvet with velvet cushions. You could even replace your current furniture fabric even if it’s rexine or leather with velvet fabric instead, which is also inexpensive. Not only does it add a royal touch to your home, but it also gives off a comfortable, classy look.

  • Transparent furniture 

If you live in a studio apartment, it’s a great idea for you to consider investing in some transparent furniture. A way to do that would be getting your home a transparent dining table paired with some transparent dining chairs. It gives off a very edgy look; it takes less space, as well as feels light and airy when placed in your living room compared to other chunky pieces of heavy furniture.

  • Amp up your existing furniture 

Who said you need to go completely out of the way to buy yourself more furniture, especially when you’re in a budget constraint. The simple idea is to tweak up your existing furniture. This can be done by DIY tutorials and usual supplies such as paint, pebbles, wood blocks or bricks. Try painting your wooden flower table, make use of your furniture by doubling its use, such as using drawers as a cool seating area/bench.

  • Go green 

While it may be great to plant some different trees and flowers outside your home and give out a very refreshing look, you could also try bringing in a few plants in your home. Such as money plants, aloe vera, peace lily, etc. Not only do they give off a relaxing, green vibe. But it’s also a healthy way to incorporate nature into your house design. Plants in terracotta or ceramic pots are your best bet and way that is less costly to add some style to your home.

  • Books 

You may have a ton of books lying around the house even though you or members of your family might not necessarily read them or they’ve already been read before. Yes, you could consider giving them away or donating them to create more space, or you could even decorate with books. Use those books for a unique ‘blind/floating bookshelf.’ Line-up and used books by colour and colour coordinate to the colours of the rainbow or use edgy monotone colours, or simply follow the colour scheme of your room, a great way for you to make use of existing objects and bring more life and essence to your home.

  • Unique chairs

You can also create more attention to your dining room area by using mismatched, unique chairs to pair with your dining table. You don’t have to coordinate with the usual dining table and chair sets, instead of step out of the ordinary and opt for something more distinctive. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, just as long as it doesn’t look all over the place and to be safer have all the chairs somehow have a connection to each other, and you should do just fine.

  • Lighting 

Guess what? Instagram worthy selfies aren’t the only thing that needs good lighting. If you want to change the appearance of a room, you can always use a bit of colour, and an even smarter way around is to use some lighting simply. Play with unusual lighting by investing in a fancy chandelier, consider using recess lights for a warm and beautiful touch to your room, you could even use colourful lighting or fairy lights to create more focus and attention.

  • Window seat 

Adding a window seat to your home is a smart way to create more seating space, especially if you don’t have space for a lot of couches or chairs, and it also adds a cute addition to your window place. Not to mention having a window seat can be super comfortable, especially during summertime where you could enjoy a good read and cup of coffee while you’re seated at the window seat.


Follow some of these simple and unique methods to make the most out of what you have. You don’t have to be boring and go by the usual pieces of furniture you spot in furniture shops, but instead, it’s always best to customize things on your own, so you’re able to express your personality better when you have guests over. Your style must reflect where you live in; it makes things special and gives off comforting, home-like vibes. You can take a year or two to entirely transform your home to go easy on your budget, just as long as everything is falling into place and you’re able to accentuate your house in an even better way.

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