Creative Ways to Display Your Precious Memories

Creative Ways to Display Your Precious Memories

Memories are important to keep and need to be cherished in the best way possible. Find out your old keepsakes and photographs and make them fit most experimentally. If you do not know and not getting any inspiration, then this article will certainly help you in finding different ways and different styles of doing it. If you are planning to decorate and revamp your place, then using old photographs and memory stuff by utilizing custom frames are the best things to use. Decide your place and then start looking for ideas and new creative ways to revamp the old looks.

Taking pictures of family members, special events and fun activities are as old as the camera is. Capturing and collecting these precious memories can make you able to appreciate the past time in a better way and get to share with the people who were not present at that moment. Whether they are digital photographs or printed one, you have several platforms and places to showcase them. So, let’s find out these precious and creative ways and make them practical in your life.



Idea boards or mood boards are the most casual way to portray and showcase your pictures. You can have them in any place. If you want, then you can make one for your office table, kitchen cabinet, laundry room, lounge or tv room or can be easily placed at gallery piece. The idea behind making vision boards, mood boards and idea boards is to collect different memories and multiple pictures and place them in one frame.

Moreover, you can make the board keep yourself positive and motivated, so with little improvisation and creativity, and you can make small notes and place them with each picture. Write any quotes associated or linked with a specific person for yourself. Also, you can write your comments or message for each person on the board. Make sure to place this board in the room where everyone can see it easily. Lounge table or coffee table is the best option for this.


Tabletop decoration pieces are wide in variety and range. There is no doubt that good frames are very expensive and delicate to place on coffee tables, especially in families where there are kids. So how about making and creating your piece of decoration or frame that can adjust the photographs most creatively.

You can place the pictures in between glasses of coffee tables in a way that they fully cover the surface of the table. In this way, your pictures will be safe and will portray a pleasing picture as a whole. This is a very new, economical and unique idea and should be done in the given way.


Doing DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are easy to decorate your house and place. Especially if you are thinking about using old photographs and keepsakes, then it is the easiest and most affordable way to handle. Especially spreading memories and old fun past all-around home is a very positive thing to do. It not only strengthens families but makes them remain intact as they can remember the good times spent with each other just by looking at the wall. Also doing it most organically adds homely feeling into it and keep the good memories alive.

Creating memories tray includes deciding the colour palette, theme, picking out the pictures accordingly, and choosing the right place to hang them. If you want to place the pictures of a certain trip, then go with the travelling theme. Use white, black and greyish nude colours on the tray. Place some fabric in background, and jute can be great then stick pictures on them. Try to use some transparent sheet as a cover; otherwise, your DIY project will end up covered in dust, dust and dust!


If you are a family keeper, then you must have lots of other memory stuff. Stuff like old keyrings, useless keys, old crockery like spoons that are not useful anymore, old paintings, broken picture frames. If you have these things, then your memory wall is ready. Decide the theme, paint the wall accordingly. Let’s go vintage! As Orange is the New black os, you can use it without hesitation to make a bold family statement. Use your old (broken, no matter!) photo frames and hang them beside old rings, keyrings, spoons, plates and items of such kind. However, do not forget to repaint them!


Memory boxes can be very useful as you can gift them to the concerned person. It will be just like picture books or slam books. Place memory stuff into it. However, you can be very creative with this idea. Also if you are having a large number of old memories and cannot display them all then go for using these boxes and place them in lounge or drawing rooms.


Creating a memory garland is a good idea for birthday parties, Christmas, family gatherings. However, you can make one for your room too. So it can be permanently placed. By making memory garland make sure you are using lightweight items; otherwise, it will be broken in a short period.

However, this idea is best for casual places and a complete no to be placed in the drawing-room. The TV lounge is also not a very good option. Because placing such a delicate piece of work in the lounge can be a bit risky. First, it will be more exposed to dust and secondly to guests and kids. This is it can be the best option for a room. Especially for teenagers, this kind of decoration piece can bring colour and life to a place.


Painting pictures do not mean that you have to paint yourself and your memories. But it is a good idea if you take an old painting with the colourful theme, try to adjust two to three paintings in a landscape and place your photographs on them. Place the whole decoration piece in line as one piece.


Displaying old memories is still the best decoration idea one can take in designing not only the home but also an office desk. We have outlined several unique ideas so you can not only cherish your memories but have fun too while doing it. By following the above ideas, you will not only cherish your old memories, but it also gives a very pleasant and historical look to your place. These ideas can save you a lot of money and also make your place much delighted to live.

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