Cultivating a Positive Mindset for the Beginning of the New Year

Cultivating a Positive Mindset for the Beginning of the New Year

2018 is coming to a close and whether you’ve had a good year, a bad year, or an average year, there’s always room for improvement and you should consider taking active steps to improving your life! Here are just a few different things that you can do to start out into 2019 on the best foot!

Have a Clear Out

The majority of us feel a whole lot more content and comfortable in our homes when we have just conducted a major clear out and there’s a reason behind this. Various studies have found that cleaning as an activity itself is stress busting and that having a nice clean house are healthier and less claustrophobic space to live in. So, why not start out the new year on the right foot by conducting a major clean and getting everything up to scratch! Start by gathering up any personal belongings that you do not use or want anymore. Donate appropriate items to charity stores and recycle anything that cannot be donating. Make sure that any items that you do decide to keep have a designated space and that they stay in this space whenever not in use. If you don’t have a designated spot, invest in some storage solutions. Then invest in some cleaning supplies and scrub the place from top to bottom. Go beyond the standard tasks of vacuuming, sweeping, and wiping surfaces down. Conduct a deep clean. Shampoo the carpets. Clean your appliances. Clean the windows inside and have them cleaned outside by a professional too. A clean house will result in a clear mind!

Kick a Bad Habit

There’s no better time than the beginning of the year to kick bad habits. Making new year’s resolutions at the same time as a bunch of other people can provide you with the motivation and support that you need for success. The majority of us beat ourselves up over bad habits. So why not just kick one to the curb? You’ll be left feeling a whole lot better for it! Whether this is quitting smoking, cutting down on sugar and takeaways, avoiding procrastination, or taking up more exercise. You’ll really benefit as long as you stick to it!

Confront People Problems

We tend to avoid issues and conflicts in our lives. This is understandable. Very few people enjoy conflict and will go out of their way to give it a miss. But why bear the weight of a grudge on your shoulders into the new year when you could simply confront issues and begin to resolve them. Whether someone has done something to upset you or you have had a full blown row and are no longer on talking terms with the person. It’s best to get everything off your chest so that you can put issues to bed and move forward. If you can’t resolve issues with a simple conversation, you may want to consider therapy sessions where you can overcome problems in a neutral environment under professional supervision.

Try Yoga

The past few decades have seen the popularity of yoga skyrocket. This really isn’t all too surprising when you take into account the mental and physical benefits that it offers to those who practice it. It’s an extremely calming form of exercise that follows a steady pace and increases your flexibility, improves your balance, and stretches out areas of your body that you might not have even noticed were tense before taking the practice up. It also promotes a general sense of wellbeing – you get time to focus on your breathing, clearing your mind of negative energy, and feeling at ease in your body and within your environment. The best part is perhaps that you don’t have to go out of your way to practice yoga. All you need is your body and enough space to maneuver into different stances.There are classes in most locations if you want a professional to help you optimize your positions and stances. But if you don’t have time or prefer spending a little more time at home, you can make the most of video tutorials and mobile apps to get a sense of what you should be doing. Believe it or not, some of the best and most impressive yogis out there are self trained.

These are just a few different steps that you can take to help yourself cultivate as positive a mindset as possible when we step into 2019. Try them out and incorporate them into your routine as soon as possible to feel the benefits as quickly as you can!

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