Cute Kids Halloween Costumes

Cute Kids Halloween Costumes

When thinking about what to dress children in for Halloween, you need to first think about what sort of effect you want. Do you want the costume to be scary, cute or silly? Do they have a favourite movie or TV show character that they want to dress up as? Or do they want to go as something completely unique? Then, of course, you have to work out how much
effort you want to go to in order to bring the idea to life. Are you a DIY parent who loves to get creative or are you more of a buy a ready-made costume kind? Whatever you choose to decide the chances are the finished result will make hearts melt and your little dresserupper very happy.
To help you with the decision-making process, we’ve taken a look at some of the cutest kids Halloween costumes;

The Beast from Beauty and The Beast

The great thing about going for a more generic, not completely Halloween themed costume, is that you’ll be able to use it time and time again. Book week, birthdays, any fancy-dress occasion, even for a trip to the shops – there’s always one child that wants to do this –The Beast is perfect for any dressing up opportunity.

Baby Monster Boo

This is a take on scary but it this looks oh-so-cute. Dress your little baby up as Baby Monster Boo or Frankenstein’s baby. It’s sure to make even the most hardened hears melt.

Hei Hei, Moana

A firm family favourite, we challenge anyone to not burst into song when they watch Moana. Then there’s the comedy value of Hei Hei, the not-so-smart-but-very-important-towith-the-storyline chicken. Your little one is sure to “cluck” with excitement over this one – do you see what we did there?

80s workout baby

There’s surely nothing cuter than a toddler who goes full 80s workout baby? This is a great one and easy to put together – you just need to visit your local dance store. If you want to add your own creative touch, make the Boom Box out of cardboard for a fun craft afternoon.

Blown away news reporter

This is definitely a creative idea that’s sure to cause some giggles. You can DIY this one with some cardboard, an old umbrella, and some pieces of rubbish – simple but very effective.

Twin old ladies or gentlemen

Who doesn’t love the little old ladies or gentlemen joke? Another great and relatively simple DIY effort. The clever person that made this old twin ladies outfit, made the walkers out of PVC pipe which they put together and spray painted.

Crazy cat lady

To create this crazy masterpiece, all you need is a dressing gown, wig, glasses, hair rollers and cat soft toys. The great news is you’ve probably got most of this stuff already so you just need to purchase a few things to finish it off, making this a very simple, cost-effective costume to make.


Most children will go through a stage of being fascinated by Dinosaurs. And they really are the perfect kids Halloween costume – they are so cute but the real things would have been something very scary.

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