Out Out Darn Bug! Fundamental Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

Out Out Darn Bug! Fundamental Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

No one likes to think that there are horribly creepy crawlies are all over their home, or that there are mice and even rats underneath their floorboards. Unfortunately, the brutal truth is that pest infestation is very common, and in the early stages you may not even realise what is happening. Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to minimise the risk of being overrun by pests read on to find out what they are.

Keep flies and other insects out of your home.

Keep surfaces clean

One of the key reasons that bugs and rodents come into your home is that they can find an easy source of food there. For many pests, this is debris left over from human food, or edible items that have not been stored away probably in containers and cupboards.

You can severely decrease their motivation by ensuring that you always clean up after you have eaten. Use tamper-proof containers with airtight seals as well to prevent pests from getting into your food supplies in the kitchen and contaminating them.

Use a fly screen

Many folks in Australia like to keep their windows and doors open as much as possible because it can help to create a breeze and cool their home down in the hot weather. This can be a problem though because it makes entry for pests incredibly easy.

One tactic for getting around this problem is to install air conditioning, as that only works in the sealed environment anyway. Alternatively, you can use products like these new secure fly screens that keep out pests, and act as deterrents for unwanted human intruder too. Something that can provide you with peace of mind, as well a pest free home.

Use a bug zapper

Another option to help your home stay pest free is to use a bug zapper or light. These are electrical devices that are designed to attract insects in particular. Then when they land on the light, a small charge released killing the bug and stopping it becoming a nuisance in the home.

If you do choose to go down this route, it can help to do a little research beforehand to see which is the best model to choose. Also, try and position the lights near to entry ways and windows, so they eliminate most of the pests before they get a chance to get all the way into your home.

Store bins away from the house

Last, of all, don’t forget that to minimise pest infestations you must store any food waste well away from your home. This is because, as mentioned above, all sorts of pests like mice, rats, dingos, and insects can be attracted by the smell of food. None of which you want anywhere near where you are preparing and eating your meals as a family.

That means sturdy high bins, stored at least 5 meters away from the home are the best choice, wherever possible. Don’t forget to clean them out regularly either to minimise the associated smell that can be irresistible to the unwanted visitors to your home.


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