Date Night Outfit Ideas

Date Night Outfit Ideas

When you are first asked on a date it can be the most exciting thing in the world. You might end up spending days and days thinking of what you will talk about, how you will hit it off and whether there will be another date after that.

However, most likely the thing you’ll spend the most time thinking about is what you are going to wear. Of course, it will largely depend on the type of place you go to as well as the time of year, but it will also just be down to how you want to come across to your date for the evening.

Simple and cute

Remember that when you are going for a date, you are making the most of who you are and not trying to be anyone else. One example of how to dress simple is to either where a flowing top with skinny jeans, or to wear a floral skirt and a plain shirt. You don’t need to go crazy on your outfits because you need to be comfortable too. Go for what suits you and have some fun with your makeup to vamp it up. Stay minimal on the facial coverage and add a little smoke to your eyes for that extra pop. Leave your hair natural and let it flow over your shoulders.

Summer love

In the summer you will want to make the most of strapless tops and pencil skirts to make a statement but also keep things comfortable. Pairing this outfit with some simple sandals, a braided hairstyle and minimal makeup will make you look like that summer goddess he asked out in the first place.

Playful and plaid

Plaid is making a comeback this year, so you can make the most of the pattern with a simple dress or a shirt over skinny ripped jeans. Keep things simple on the hair and makeup to let the pattern do the talking, and wear comfortable shoes to finish the look.

Sexy and stylish

This one might not be so much for the first date, but certainly a fun style for a long term partner. If you want to spice up their life and put the fire back in their eyes, get yourself a sexy black or red dress which hugs your curves. Pair this with simple heels and wear your hair away from your face. Add some smoke to the eyes if you are wearing a black dress, paint your lips a luscious red. Your partner won’t be able to resist you!

Casual style

If you aren’t one for dressing up to the hills, that’s absolutely fine. Remember to stay true to your style and go for a simple pairing of jeans, a tee and bomber jacket. It will bring your style together with grace and you can finish off the look with a slightly smoky eye and a pink lip.

The classic

Wearing a fit and flare dress is possibly the most classic way to dress for a date. If this is your style, pick out a dress which accentuates your curves and pair that with curly hair, heels and a nude lip. You could even change the dress for a floral skirt and a cute vest.

Elegant and effortless

Take a note of advice from the French on this one and take the opportunity to stay neutral on colours but go sexy on the style. Wearing a soft white blouse with black pants and heels will give you that sophisticated look without having to try and it will make you feel like a beautiful woman from the get go.

Vintage flair

If you love nothing more than the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and the other beauties of the 60’s, you can make the most of this by wearing a high neck jumper, bold midi skirt and flats. Don’t wear any shoes which come far up your foot for this style because this will make your legs look much shorter than they really are. Make the most of the classic vibe by wearing your hair half up and add a winged liner if you can to the eyes. Leave your lips nude to give that feel of natural beauty.

Bold and sexy

Finally, you can go for a bold style and wear a pair of high waisted jeans, paired with a sexy lace bodysuit and heels. Go the whole hog and wear your hair away from your face, add a smokey eye and a red lip to show off your vibrant personality.

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