17 Bright Ideas To Spruce Up and Spice Up Your Home

17 Bright Ideas To Spruce Up and Spice Up Your Home

You can often get overly comfortable in your home, which isn’t always a bad thing. When it starts to become cluttered, dated and mucky that’s when you need to re-evaluate the whole thing. Check out our 17 bright ideas which will declutter your home and spruce up the interior of your home for good!

Cupboard Clear Out -Empty out your closet and get rid of all the unwanted clothes you haven’t worn in years. Not only will you taking a step towards a more orderly life, but you will also be creating space for new outfits. Go shopping afterwards, you deserve it!

Dutiful Dusting – Those surfaces right at the top of hard to reach places are gathering more and more dust every day. Grab a little ladder and a feather duster, so you can reach up high and sweep away those cobwebs. Dealing with the hidden dust will make more of a difference than you might imagine.

Carpet Cleaning –Your carpet gathers more dirt, dust and bacteria than you would imagine. Check out Chem-Dry cleaning franchises, who can steam clean your carpet quickly and efficiently. You will notice a huge difference in the appearance of all your rugs and carpets straight away.

Swap and Sell –When you clear out your cupboards think of some innovative ways to throw them out, instead of chucking them straight into the garbage. Join a community group online where you can swap and sell clothes, toys, books and games. You will be getting rid of the old stuff and bringing in something new the brighten up the place.

Perfect Paint – Look closer at your windows, doors and skirting boards, could they do with a lick of white paint? Touching up these finer details brings a whole new touch of cleanliness and elegance to your home, so be sure to focus on the little things that need some tender loving care.

Rearrange a Room –A quick and cheap way to spruce up the rooms in your home is by rearranging some of your larger items of furniture. Move a large table closer to the window, reposition your sofa and place your drawers at a jaunty angle. Play around with the space that you’ve got and you will soon notice an improvement.

Recycling Rules – An amazing way to get more organized at home is by investing in brightly colored recycling bins to keep your garbage in order. Not only will you be helping out the environment more, but you will also have a much more orderly system for throwing away the trash.

Fab Furniture – Instead of spending a fortune on new items of furniture, why not give your creative flair a chance to spread its wings? Recover an old couch with some new material or add funky handles to a set of ancient drawers. Let your creativity run free and use your own personal touches to transform the look and feel of your home.

Dazzling Décor – Change up the decorations and accessories in your home to transform its vibe from dull to dazzling. Invest in brightly colored cushion covers, sparkly accessories and jazzy rugs to make the room pop. If you’re feeling adventurous then why not create a feature wall with a floral patterned wallpaper? Use your imagination and run wild with your personal ideas.

Calming Candles – Beautifully fragranced candles are the perfect chic accessory to add a touch of glamour to your home. When used in the bedroom they create a sultry and inviting atmosphere and in the living area they exude a warm and welcoming vibe. Choose your favourite color and style and scatter some flaming beauties around every room in your home.

Personal Pictures – It is time to replace the old photographs around your home with some vibrantly updated ones. Go through your phone and select some of your favourite recent images and get them printed professionally. If you fancy yourself to be a photography expert then a Polaroid camera can take exquisite and authentic images for your home. Create a collage using your best ones and uplift your home with some personal touches.

Peekaboo Pests – Make sure your house isn’t becoming a victim of irritating pests and bugs. Vacuum your mattress to ensure you don’t have bed bugs and make sure your rubbish bins outdoors aren’t attracting mice or foxes. Your home needs to be a non-toxic place to seeing to these little pests will make it feel much more homely.

Smart Scents – Make your entire home smell amazing, by using deliciously scented diffusers. Lavender, chamomile and tea tree are some of the most relaxing and natural scents you can get, so make sure you try this technique to make your house exude awesome aromas.  You can also use Houseplants to Clean the Air!

Perfect Products – Stop cleaning your home with hazardous chemical-laden products and start making your own. Just a squeeze of lemon, a dash of vinegar and a sprinkle of baking soda could transform the way you clean forever.

Kitchen Cleanse – Give your kitchen the ultimate shiny makeover by going deep into those avoided areas. Your oven, microwave, toaster and grill could be harnessing harmful bacteria if you don’t clean them every so often. Scrape off any built up grime and spritz them with your homemade cleaning products. Your kitchen will be looking cool again in no time.

Bathroom Blitz – Just like your kitchen, the bathroom can be full of damp, mould and mildew if you don’t clean it regularly. Take preventative action to stop the build up of dirt and always use a glass cleaner to keep your shower looking shiny.

Grand Garden – Finally, give your gorgeous garden some extra attention and transform it from glum to glam. Plant some beautifully bright flowers and pull out any annoying weeds. You will soon be able to enjoy an evening al fresco, once you have treated your garden to a mini makeover.

  • Don’t live in a house of chaos and calamity, get these things fixed and you will soon see a huge difference. Some of these ideas only take a few minutes so try them out today!


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