Decorating to maximise motivation in your home office

Decorating to maximise motivation in your home office

The argument on whether employees are more productive working from home or going to the office carries on. However, there’s some good news; a recent study carried out by the Harvard Business Review reveals that people who have the same office routine despite being at the comfort of their homes tend to be more productive than when they are at workspace. What is the reason for this? The peace and quiet of the home environment is a motivating factor.

Working from home gives one the required flexibility needed to get things done. As a result, we have taken it upon ourselves to go over different ways to set up your home office, which is bound to motivate you every morning. In the next few paragraphs we shall take a look at how you can get things done right from the comfort of your home.

1. Seek out a quiet place

What this basically means is looking out for the quietest place in your home. Although there are people who work well in places with background noise, in most cases, people like to work in a place where there is peace and quiet. So find a quiet spot in your home where you’re unlikely to be constantly barged into, like the living room, and convert it into your home office space. It doesn’t need a lot of décor or fancy furnishings, just a desk and work materials.

2. Ensure your desk isn’t cluttered

This isn’t rocket science; but having a cluttered desk takes up more time and reduces productivity, this is because you spend more time trying to sort through documents and getting what you need than you would if your desk is free. Marie Kondo for instance states quite emphatically that “A cluttered desk is a time suck” and she’s considered an expert on this sort of thing. So try to organise all your paperwork etc using a manageable system, even if it looks nonsensical to the outside world.

3. Remember what motivates you

The best way to be productive is to keep in mind exactly why you’re working so hard. We’re not talking about ‘because my boss told me to’ either, no we’re talking about the real end goal. If you’re working towards being able to afford a great trip overseas, or down payment on a house, that is your real motivation. Find a picture which properly expresses exactly what you’re working for, get it printed on canvas and hang it somewhere you will see it every time you step into your office.

4. Let nature in

While we certainly wouldn’t advice you to set your home office in your garden, you could do with a little bit of flowers and plants indoors. A floor or desk plant is a cool way to bring fresh air into your home office. It’s also the best way to decorate your home office without wasting money on extra accessories.

5. You could do with soothing scents

Soft, calming scents help to relieve stress and avoid procrastination which in turn leads to increased focus. In addition, having soothing scents, and nice smell like jasmine and lavender can provide you with natural energy lift.

a neat and organised home office

6. Ensure you have a small To-Do-List

Before getting down to the work for the day, it is important you spend between 5 to 10 minutes jotting your To-Do-List for the day. After which, we suggest you break the list down into smaller lists that you could work on for a couple of hours. A routine is probably the best way to ensure you don’t slack off and keep the efficiency levels up high. So set up smaller goals and bifurcate them from long term goals and work on it one by one.

7. Ensure you embark on well-deserved breaks

Often we spend our breaks surfing YouTube and social media. This is actually not a productive way to regain lost energy, which is why we suggest you read more informative and short articles, learn something new or simple take a walk around to relax and ease stress. But don’t fall into the pitfall of assuming you don’t need breaks just because you’re in a home environment.

8. Do not forget other areas of the house

There are those who believe it takes a little more than a clean desk and a quiet space to get the perfect home office. Believe it or not, your concentration peaks when the different areas in your house are neat and tidy. So, ensure your house is kept tidy all the time and also you have different areas for different types of tasks. This will help you focus on getting things done at work.

Home offices are fun and following a few nifty steps will put you on the way to being more productive, and also make it more appealing to go into everyday.

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