Did you enjoy being pregnant?

Did you enjoy being pregnant?

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I was chatting with a friend the other day who was heavily pregnant and she was saying what an easy run she was having, and that she really enjoyed her time being pregnant.  It got me to thinking – Did I enjoy being pregnant?

I think I had mixed feeling about it.  Obviously there are some benefits of being pregnant.  You don’t have to worry so much about fitting into your skinny jeans or tucking into a second piece of chocolate cake.  People tend to stand up for you on public transport, open doors and are generally more eager to assist you.  The clothes are generally pretty stretchy and comfy and you can wear flat shoes absolutely everywhere.   Buying new baby gear is fun too – designing the nursery, buying the cutest clothes imaginable and getting your other half to construct the craziest contraptions ( that you couldn’t possibly do in your condition!). I think I also got a bit of a power rush – I was making an actual human – how smart was i! ( Yes I know women have been doing it for millions of years, but none the less…..)  So those i enjoyed,  But then came…

MORNING SICKNESS.  The antidote to all things beautiful and prenanty.  The reason I had to carry sandwich bags in my handbag and glove box for 9 months.

Overall I would say I enjoyed it – how about you?  Did you enjoy being pregnant?




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