Is Your Dining Room to Die For, or Killing Your Home?

Is Your Dining Room to Die For, or Killing Your Home?

Not so long ago, the dining room was a staple for any home. Anyone who was anyone had a dining room to die for, and hosted dinner parties galore. But, somewhere along the way, those rooms have become all but obsolete. They take up much-needed space in family homes, and yet we can’t bring ourselves to part with them.

The good news is, nothing’s stopping you from setting up a dining space elsewhere in the home. That way, you have a room in which to place that much-desired play area or the office you’ve always wanted. Plus, you can ensure you have enough seating for everyone if people do come round! But, where are these other areas we’re talking about? Let’s take a look.

A table in the kitchen

As the kitchen is the hub of the home and the foodiest place, it makes sense to host dinner parties here. You may worry that a table in your kitchen will crowd the space, but it could actually make it look bigger if done right. You could, for example, use an area of the room which was obsolete in the past. Hence, you’ll be opening the space.

If you’re worried, you could opt for something like a breakfast bar, which would fit into any kitchen design. Without using any extra space, you’ll be able to create an amazing eating area. Plus, eating at a breakfast bar adds a touch of fun for your guests.

Take some time to consider whether you could fit an eating area into your kitchen. You may find there’s more space there than you first thought!

An outside eating area

Or, you could take the dining experience al fresco with an outside eating area. This is fantastic for those living in a tropical climate, but even people in rainier areas could make it work with a cover.

You could either utilise paving stones you’ve already got, or hire a hardwood & decking specialist to create a space to suit your needs. Bear in mind that decking is the best choice if you don’t want a wobbly table! We all know uneven surfaces are far from ideal for eating on.

Whatever you choose, this could be a fantastic chance to host dinner parties to remember. Plus, you’re sure to get more use out of the area yourselves. Who can resist eating in the open air, after all?

A fold-away solution

If all else fails, you could always develop a dining solution which you can fold away when not in use. Even if your dining room becomes a play area, keeping it clean will ensure you can place a table in there when you need to. Covering a foldable option with a tablecloth will ensure your guests don’t even realize.

Or, you could opt to do a little diy, and produce a table which folds up to the wall when you’re not using it. If you think you’ve got what it takes this could be a fun little project.

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