Do We Follow Our Own Advice?

Do We Follow Our Own Advice?

Someone asked me the other day if I use or refer to the lists on our website. The answer is an absolute YES!

One of the best parts of doing 17 Bright Ideas is that we get to research and find all the information and we learn something along the way.

I also love reading the lists Sue puts together. My absolute favourite list of ALL TIME is one that Sue pulled together for our e-book: 17 Bright Ideas for quick and easy salads for a BBQ. I have it printed out and it sits with all my important papers in my kitchen. I use that list every time I need to make a salad.

Another good list that I have used is the Free Educational Kids Apps list. I have them ALL on my iPad and my kids play them regularly.

I find information in a list really helpful and use our lists all the time. I made the Pasta Salad just yesterday! Yum.

Give us a list topic so we can learn something new.

Until next week.


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