Don’t Look Back In Anger: Mistakes That Don’t Need To Haunt Us For The Rest Of Our Lives

Don’t Look Back In Anger: Mistakes That Don’t Need To Haunt Us For The Rest Of Our Lives

There will come a stage in your life where you start to look back on the past and you may begin to cringe a little. It is inevitable. Being young and carefree often means that you make life choices that if you would have your time again, you might do differently. However, the life choices you made back then have only brought you to where you are today. So what do you do about it?

The truth is, we can’t change the past. Living in the past is no good for us as it can have us dwell on the mistakes we have made and perhaps hinder our chances of moving forward. The best thing to remember is that your decisions have brought you to where you are today, and you only have the cards you are dealt with right now to build your future. You might also find that what you regret is very similar to someone else. I thought I would share some of the situations that might have us looking back in anger, and hopefully give you some peace of mind that everything really does happen for a reason, and that some can be rectified, some can be used to give you a better future, and some really should be seen as a chance to forgive yourself.

A tattoo you got at a young age

Picture the scene. You are young, adventurous and looking for fun, and you and a friend dare yourself to get a tattoo just for kicks. It may sound crazy now, but this story is the truth for many people out there. Tattoos are something that you either love or dislike. Some people have tattoos and continue to love them, and some people have them and regret them later on in life. However, it doesn’t need to be a regret for much longer as you can now have tattoos removed. You may be wondering what the tattoo removal cost may be, but it could surprise you in terms of the cost versus the results. Tattoos don’t need to be a regret, and you can do something about it. But you might also want to consider improving them in some way, if you do like having a tattoo but not necessarily the original design you chose.

Avoidance of protecting your skin

The desire of a tan at a young age is high, but as we get older we realise that the damage the sun can do and even using a sunbeam in the past could have caused long term damage you might not even be aware of. While you can regret your actions from the past, you can’t change them. But you can ensure that you wear sun protection daily on your face and body, especially on skin that is showing direct to the sun, so that you can avoid any damage in the future. You might also want to have your skin checked regularly to ensure that there is no lasting damage that could lead onto other things like skin cancer. Being in control and taking action is often the best way to deal with past mistakes such as this.

Not taking care of yourself

We have all been there. I am sure there have been periods in your life where you indulge a little too much in a junk food diet filled with treats and sweets. That you enjoyed a few too many glasses of wine and beer repeatedly, and that you spent more time lazing in bed watching box sets than exercising. I get it. But while it may seem great at the time, you may find that you regret the days that you didn’t take better care of yourself. But what you can do now is make the positive change and overhaul your lifestyle. Be healthier with your choices for food and drink and continue with a regular exercise programme. Even if that does just mean taking a walk each day. It is possible to feel better about yourself.

A failed relationship

Relationships can come and go, and sometimes that can mean that you feel like you have failed at something if a relationship you thought was meant to last didn’t;t end up being the future you had hoped. Relationships, be that friendships or lovers, can often change us as individuals. Instead of feeling regret for the situation take the positive out of what you have learned from the experience. You may learn to not be taken advantage of anymore, to have confidence to stand up for what you believe in, or to know exactly what you want from future relationships.

Getting into debt

There is always going to be a temptation that we feel when it comes to money, and with credit being so readily available these days it is now more possible to get into debt at a young age. Years ago, the only debt people would have would be their mortgage for their home, but now with credit cards and loans, it is easier to spend more on the things you want, rather than waiting and saving for them. Many of us get into debt at some point, but paying it off is often the lesson never to do it again in a hurry. If you have done this, focus on the lessons learned when it comes to money management and ensure you focus on paying it off sooner rather than later.

Not being good with money

On the subject of debt you may find that you are not happy with your relationship with money in general. Perhaps you spend more than you have, or you don’t budget very well. Meaning that a monthly wage doesn’t last you the month. Money management is not something we are instantly aware of, it is something that we learn. So if you do have regrets about your money management skills take action and seek help in terms of budgeting and making your money last.

Failing to get on the property ladder early enough

Would you believe that one of the biggest regrets we can have in later life is also a money related matter? Buying a property is a dream for many, but often, not doing it early enough can hinder our chances in later life. A property is an investment, and one that can help build your income for the future and help finance things like retirement. So doing it sooner rather than later is only going to help build up that capital. I understand that you may feel regret, but you can’t change the decision you made. The sooner you do it now, the better.

Job hopping

Not all of us know what we want to do as a career when we are at school. So I understand That job hopping can be an essential part of finding out where your skills are, gaming knowledge and experience for the future. But it can also be a regret, especially when you want to work for someone and they feel like you are not consistent. Don’t regret it. If you feel that you have changed jobs a lot make sure you word it in a positive way when it comes to your resume. Instead highlighting all of the positive experience you have gained.

Failed exams at school

Just like job hopping might bother you, so might your exam results from school. But honestly, as time moves on, do people really take what results you got in your teenage years as gospel? The truth is, especiernce speaks volumes, so don’t dwell on issues you may have had growing up when it came to your exams and results that you got.

Regretting past actions

We can all regret issues when it comes to our past. It may have been the decision to go on holiday, moving somewhere, taking a chance on someone. Your past actions can really hinder your future choices. But the best advice is to not let them. Your past is your past for a reason, it isn’t something you can change like your future, but you can learn from it and move forward.


Getting a divorce is never an easy thing to go through, nor is the decision to actually take one out in the first place. I believe that everyone enters marriage for life, and that this is their intention. But like anything, things can change Your feelings can, the actions of yourself or others may cause you to reevaluate your relationship. Life can move forward and if it means that a divorce will make you a happier person, then perhaps it needs to be seen as a positive and not as a regret. Just saying.

Your choices on starting a family

Finally, we can all find that we end up regretting things in the past, but starting a family is one of those grey areas that we can all struggle with. Not starting soon enough, starting to early, starting a family with the wrong person. We are never to know what the right call will be for us. But don’t regret it, whatever it is, own your decision and feel happy about the future.

I hope that this puts your mind at ease when it comes to past mistakes and moving forward.


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