Don’t Make These Mistakes On Moving Day

Don’t Make These Mistakes On Moving Day

Are you thinking about moving house soon? If so, we hope everything goes well for you! Check out our moving tips to ensure you have a stress-free experience. 

And to ensure your moving day does go by without a hitch, take heed of the following mistakes, as you will avoid any disastrous pitfalls if you do.

Mistake #1: Letting your pets roam free

The morning of moving day is not the time to let your cats go wandering. And it’s not the time to let your dog have free rein of the house. Why? Well, if your cats decide to go for an extended wander, your entire moving schedule could be thrown into disarray if you’re forced to go and look for them. And if your dog bolts for the door every time it is left open when boxes are being carried outside, you might have to spend an age looking for him too! 

Our advice: Confine your pets to one area of the room or ask somebody to look after them for the day.

Mistake #2: Forgetting to pack an essentials box

If you suddenly need to use the loo, you don’t want to unpack your boxes in a bid to find the toilet rolls. If your kids get hungry, you don’t want to delve through your boxes in an effort to find their snacks. If you drop a heavy box on your toe when you’re loading things into the moving van, you don’t want to spend an age hunting for your first aid kit. And you don’t want to get to your new home and discover that some of these essential items are still in the removal van!

Our advice: Pack an essentials box and make sure you carry it with you in your car instead of loading it in the removal van. 

Mistake #3: Packing fragile goods haphazardly

If, when you get to your new home, you discover that your best china has been obliterated in transit, you might only have yourself to blame. So, don’t shout at the removal men when they deliver a box of broken crockery to the door. Don’t blame somebody for carrying the box incorrectly. Make sure you pack your valuables the right way before you leave your property, as you might still have plates to eat off when you get to your new home.

Our advice: Check out these packing tips to avoid any nasty surprises when you land at your new home. 

a man moving a heavy large lounge with a happy woman and dog sitting on the lounge.
Moving Day!

Mistake #4: Forgetting to size up your furniture

“Mommy, why is daddy stuck in the doorway?” 

“It’s because he forgot to measure the sofa and now he’s wedged himself in!”

Don’t let this happen! Not only might you struggle to get your larger pieces of furniture through the door if they are too big for the doorframes, but you might also have pieces that are too big for your new rooms if your new home is smaller than the last one. 

Our advice: Measure up your furniture ahead of time, as you should be able to make adjustments to your doorways before you move. Or use a self-storage service akin to Storage Choice for your bigger items, as you might need to renovate a little before you bring them to your new home with you. 

We wish you a happy moving day!!!

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