Easy Bookweek Costumes to Make – Escape to Everywhere
Here are 17 easy Book Week Costumes to make at home

Easy Bookweek Costumes to Make – Escape to Everywhere

Are you looking for easy Book Week costumes to make at home? Then we have the list for you. Here are 17 bright ideas for Book Week character costumes you can easily make with a quick trip to the shops (or just find what you have at home). This years Book Week theme is Escape To Everywhere and that is exactly what we have done. Our 17 make-at-home costumes will take your kids on a great journey to somewhere amazing and are sure to be a hit at school. Enjoy Book Week 2017 and Escape to Everywhere. If you can’t find what you like here in our list of Book Week Costumes – take a look at some great books for kids and make use your imagination.

Escape to the garden and go as a Tree from The Big Tree by Bruce Hiscock – This is a very simple and quick idea for Escape to Everywhere. Simply grab a green umbrella. Cut some thin strips of crepe paper (or you can use ribbons if you have enough) in shades of green then tie them to the ends of the umbrella so they hang to the floor. You can dress your little person in brown and you have a beautiful big tree.

Escape to the jungle and go as Bagheera from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling – Get some black stockings, cut off one leg and fill it with newspaper to make a tail. Attach it to a black long sleeve t-shirt with a safety pin or hot glue. Cut out 2 triangles of black cardboard to make ears. Attach them to a headband with glue. (Check out this video on how to make furry ears) You can also make some whiskers with black pipe cleaners that you tie to a ribbon and tie to the sides of the headband so they can sit comfortably under your child’s nose. Now you have a very simple book week costume that was made in minutes.

Escape to the stars and go as a Rocket from Roaring Rockets by Tony Milton and Ant Parker – Get a large piece of silver cardboard and make it into a cylinder that will fit around your child’s body, under their arms. Attach 2 ribbons at the top of the cylinder to make shoulder straps. Take two soft drink bottles, cover them in foil then attach them together to the back of the cylinder to make rocket boosters. Create a cone with silver cardboard to make a hat and top of the rocket. You could even add more details like fire from the boosters with red cellophane or some triangle pieces on the side of the body for wings or some windows and doors.

Escape to the world of fables by going as Grapes from the book The Fox and The Grapes by Aesop – This is a great last minute Book Week costume ideas. All you need is 15 or 20 purple balloons and a green bow. Blow up the balloons into round grape shapes. Make them a good size according to the size of your child. Tie the balloons to some ribbon and then pin or glue the ribbon to a black t-shirt. Try to get an upside down triangle shape so the balloons look like a bunch of grapes. Team up with black stockings and put the green bow on top of your child’s head. Easy!

Escape to the moon and go as Nicolas from Space Boy by Leo Laundry – To make a space suit for a Book Week costume, start with a white, long sleeved t-shirt and white pants. Find a white ice cream container and cut out a hole on one side to so you can look out of your helmet. Use some elastic or ribbon at the bottom of the helmet to secure it under your child’s chin. If possible get white gloves, a white backpack and cover shoes in silver foil. Get a square of cardboard and draw some buttons on it to look like controls and secure to the front of the space suit. 

Escape to everywhere…how about to the World of Dr Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss – To make a Green Ham costume buy a cheap green pillowcase and attach it to the front of your child white t-shirt (make sure the opening is at the top so things won’t fall out). Stuff it with a pillow or towel to give it some volume and then draw some black lines with a Sharpie to make it look like a piece of ham. Then, get a large white paper plate and draw some friend eggs on the plate with a green yolk. Now you have Green Eggs and Ham. 

Escape to space and go as Saturn from A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky by Michael Driscoll and Meredith Hamilton This is a Book Week costume that is sure to stand out but is very quick to make. Get a hoola-hoop and wrap it with foil. Attach some ribbon for over the shoulder straps and wear over a grey tracksuit. If you want to be more elaborate, get 2 hoola-hoops of different sizes and tie them together at 4 points so you have double rings.

Escape to Paris and go as Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans – Escape to everywhere and travel to Paris by having your little girl dress up as the cute and confident Madeline. Find yourself a yellow dress (or yellow rain coat) and a wide brim hat that you can tie a black ribbon around. Team it up with black school shoes. Book Week costumes can be simple as this easy Book Week costumes to make.

Escape to space and go as the Moon from If You Decide to go to the Moon by Faith McNulty – Get two large pieces of white cardboard. Cut them into circles of equal size. Get lots of tissues and make up a mixture of ½ craft pva glue and ½ water (mixed together well). Take a couple of tissues at a time and dip them into the glue/water mixture. Place them onto the cardboard circles to make textured mountains and craters on your moon. Use your finders to create small little bumps and mounds of the tissue on the cardboard. Do this over one side of each of the circles. Allow to dry completely. Once it is dry, you can always add some silver glitter or add some grey paint to give more definition. Attach the two circles together with ribbon shoulder straps and ties at the sides, under your arms. You might need to give this easy Book Week costume a little more time to make but it will be worth it.

Escape to South America and go as Dora The Explorer – These days the line between TV and books can be very blurred so often books your children read have the characters they love to watch on TV. Dora is a great example. All you need to look like Dora is orange shorts, a pink/purple top and a purple backpack. If you can’t find a purple backpack, get purple cardboard and draw ‘Backpack’, then pin it onto your child’s t-shirt with safety pins.

Escape to the past and go as Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park – Travel to the past and dress up as a girl or boy from the 1890’s of e Book Week. For this Australian classic, find an old-fashioned nightgown and apron for girls, dark stockings and black or brown shoes or a white shirt and brown pants for boys with black or brown shoes. Make their faces look dirty with some bronzer make-up and mess up their hair. The easiest of Book Week costumes to make.

Escape to Mars and go as an Alien from Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort – Find a headband, some pipe cleaners and Styrofoam balls. Push the balls onto a pipe cleaner and repeat so you have two. Attach them to the headband and wrap the whole headpiece with foil. Draw two big eyes on cardboard. Cut them out and stick an eye on the end of each ball. Wear a green tracksuit and cover your shoes in some foil. This is a very quick option but you can make this one more elaborate by putting more eyes on your t-shirt or add another arm with a stocking stuffed in newspapers.  

Escape to the High Seas and Go as The Sailor from There Was an Old Sailor by Claire Saxby – Find a navy or black and white striped t-shirt. To make a beard, take a paper plate and cut it in half and cut an opening for your child’s mouth. Punch two holes on either side and add some ribbon to tie around the back of your head. Glue on cotton wool to cover the entire area. Draw an anchor on one arm with eyeliner. If possible, find a sailors hat to complete the outfit for a fast last minute Book Week costume idea.

Escape to OZ and go as Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum – Looking for easy Book Week costumes to make? Start with a light blue knee length dress, if possible find a sleeveless dress that can be worn with a white t-shirt underneath. Find a pair of white canvas shoes (you can pick them up from Kmart or Big W for under $10). Cover the shoes in craft pva glue then sprinkle with red glitter to make ruby slippers. Wear them with white socks. Do hair in two plaits and tie with blue ribbons. If possible, team up with a basket and put a toy dog inside to be Toto.

Escape to Fairlyland and go as a Fairy from the Rainbow Magic Series by Daisy Meadows – There are over 100 different fairies that you can copy. As a basic, start with some wings and a wand. You can be a rainbow fairy and wear only blue, orange or green etc. You could be a music fairy or a weather fairy or a sporty fairy. This one is only limited by your imagination. Read the book with your child and see what ideas they think of. Book week costumes don’t need to be hard.

Escape to space and go as The Solar System from The Magical School Bus: Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole – Get a hoola-hoop and attach ribbon to make two shoulder straps. Blow up 8 balloons in a variety of sizes. Attach them to the hoola-hoop to be the planets. Make sure you have a blue balloon for Earth and a red balloon for Mars. Make a sun mask with a large yellow paper plate. Cut out the middle so your child can see through it. Get some yellow cellophane and make a fan (folding back and forward) then spread around and attach to the edge of the yellow plate. Put some ribbon on either side of the mask to help tie around your face.

Escape and hide and go as The Green Sheep from Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox – Easy Book Week costumes to make, you asked? Simply use an old green towel, cut it in half and attach shoulder straps with ribbon so you have a front and back. Make some sheep ears with green cardboard, sticky tape and a headband. Take a large piece of cardboard and cut out a cloud shape. Find a whole lot of dry leaves and stick them to one side of the cardboard with craft pva glue to make a bush for your little green sheep to hide behind.

  • If this is all too much work for Book Week costumes, why not just check out what there is at CostumeBox.com.au – all done in a few clicks or our other Book Week Lists!

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