Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too

Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too

Is it really possible to find Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too?

This blog post originally started out with me thinking of some ways to get the kids outside these school holidays, (mine just love staying inside despite the beautiful weather) but then they started screaming and yelling and then I decided to change my topic to: Easy School Holidays Activities Mums (and dads) will love too. Please, let me know if you think of any others…

After the 1st week and definitely after the second week, you just need a moment to yourself so here are a few bright ideas for things to do with the kids but also give you a moment to say ‘ahhhh’:


#1 Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too – Visit the Beach.

  • For them: Kids can play in the sand, build tunnels and dig holes. They can fill buckets with water and have lots of fun. (no need to swim). Most beaches also have great playgrounds near too.
  • For you: Get some sun, take deep breaths of the fresh sea air, listen to the sounds of the waves and relax.


#2 Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too – Ice cream at the Park.

  • For them: Find a great park with activities that suit your kids age. If you live in Sydney, take a look at our Great Parks list. Kids will love running around, climbing and jumping and should sleep well that night.
  • For you: Find a park that is near a delicious ice cream shop. Pick something for the kids and then for you. Forget about watching your weight for one afternoon and indulge in a delicious sweet treat and savour every mouthful while the kids play.


# 3 Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too – Water Balloons & Mocktails.

  • For them: Buy a packet of water balloons from your local discount store and the kids will be occupies for at least an hour (hopefully more). Give the older kids challenges like hitting targets or have water battles with friends.
  • For you: Whip up a batch of mocktails (or cocktails if you wish) and sit back and enjoy watching the kids play. Check out this amazing list of 65 Summer Drinks & Cocktails from Martha Stewart and simply leave out alcohol where needed. Happy days.


#4 Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too – Movies & Magazines.

  • For them: Make your own choc-tops, pop the popcorn and turn down the lights. Put on their favourite movie like Frozen, Monsters University or Twilight and let them watch.
  • For you: Grab a magazine (or your favourite book) and read in the corner of the room or close to a window. You should have at least an hour of quite time with this activity.


#5 Easy School Holiday Activities Parents Will Love Too – Spa Day @ Home.

  • For them: This might be more of a girls activity but younger boys might like a bit of pampering too. Get them into their bathrobes, tie up their hair and get them to sit back and relax while you put on the facial mask and moisturiser. Why not add a hair treatment into the mix to give you more ‘relax’ time.
  • For you: Give yourself a facial too! Close the curtains and blinds, put on some relaxing music and light a candle to help you find that moments peace as well as fit in some beauty treatments into your day. You’ll look and feel great after you’ve had your feet up for 5 to 10 minutes.


Hope you enjoy your holidays and spending time with the kids and hopefully you get 5 minutes of peace and quite. Fingers crossed!

Until next time,


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