17 Eco Friendly Gardening Tips
17 Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

17 Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

It might seem that gardening is naturally eco-friendly. But your green-fingered activities might not be as green as you think. If you want to have a greener garden, try these environmentally-friendly tips.

Save Water – Reduce the amount of water you use by collecting rainwater, watering in the right places, and watering your garden at the right time.

Solar Energy – Save energy on outdoor lighting and other elements by using solar power. Install solar lights and use solar panels for water features.

Pest Control – Use natural forms of pest control to avoid harsh chemicals. Inviting friendly bugs into the garden is one way of doing it.

Sustainable Materials – Look for sustainable materials when buying furniture or planters, or building a deck or patio. Find responsible sources and durable options.

Fertiliser – Recognise the benefits of using an organic fertiliser to help grow your plants. Organic products have less impact on the environment – they’re sustainable and biodegradable.

Composting – Create your own compost by getting a compost bin or creating a compost pile. You can compost things like vegetable peel and egg shells.

Native Plants – Choose native plants for your garden is a great Eco Friendly Gardening Tip, so that they need less care. They’re more likely to survive without extra help from you.

Organic Products – As well as fertiliser, look for other organic products to support your garden. Use products made with natural ingredients that won’t pollute your garden.

Build Habitats – Make your garden a sanctuary for native wildlife by building habitats for them. Plant the right plants and introduce things like bird or bat houses.

Companion Planting – Plant complementary plants together to reduce your reliance on pesticides, fertilisers and other products. They can support each other during growth.

Recycle and Reuse – Reuse and recycle products from your home instead of buying new things. Grow seedlings in yoghurt pots or use an old boot as a planter.

Plant a TreeGardens with trees are more welcoming to wildlife. Plant a tree or two to welcome wildlife, as well as offer some shade to your garden. This could be one of the best Eco Friendly Gardening Tips.

Grow Food – Start a vegetable patch or grow some fruit trees to be more self-sustainable. You can preserve food you’re not ready to eat.

Water Feature – A water feature is a good idea to improve biodiversity in your garden. Welcome insects, amphibians, birds and mammals with a pond.

MulchCreate your own mulch so that you don’t have to buy it. Use leaves and other plant matter to make your mulch.

Weeding – Find natural ways to get rid of weeds, so you don’t need to use strong weed killers. Pulling by hand or using natural substances will keep them away.

Gardening Tools – Use eco-friendly tools for gardening, such as a push mower or tools made from sustainable materials. Do things by hand instead of using powered items for your gardening.




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