Effective Ways to Add Space to Your Home

Effective Ways to Add Space to Your Home

If you need to add space  but the cost of moving home is prohibitive, or you are very happy with the location you live in, there are ways to make your existing home larger, or to create more space within it.

Try a Loft Conversion

Converting your loft into another room, or maybe two, depending on its size, can be a brilliant way to create more space and is generally one of the more cost-effective things to do.

It is advisable to use renovation builders that are used to handling this sort of job, as they will have more idea about what can and cannot be done. There are several things that need to be considered before you take this step, such as do you have a water tank in the loft that will need repositioning, is there enough headroom and will you actually gain much space after the stairs up to it have been installed?

Renovation builders will be able to help you with this and more, and ensure that your loft conversion is what you intend it to be. One of the big advantages of loft conversions is that they are one of the few home improvements where you are likely to add more to the value of your home than the initial outlay.

Go for a Garage Conversion

If all you do with your garage is use it as a storeroom, why not make more use of it and turn into a room that could be really useful. This can be a great way to gain extra floor space without the cost of an extension.  You could extend your kitchen into it, use it as a playroom or maybe a home office. Whatever you use it for will mean that you are saving space inside the rest of your home.

A garage conversion can be blended into the rest of your home exterior without too much trouble, and you may be surprised at how good the finished product looks.

Could You Build A Terrace On Your Roof?

If you’re looking for a really bright idea, and if you have any flat roof space you should consider turning it into a terrace. This can provide some extra outdoor space, which can be at a premium, especially if you live in a city. It is not expensive to do but can add value to your home.

Invest In Good Storage And Declutter

You might find that for the cost of some good storage units and the time taken to declutter your home, that you already have a lot more space than you think. It is easy to build up things in your home over time, but now could be the occasion when you need to dispose of some of it.

Go through every room. Throw out anything that is beyond repair. If an item could be reused by someone else, take to a local charity shop. If there are things you want to keep, but they do not need to be out all the time, store them away. The bottom of wardrobes, for example, can be a very useful place to have a couple of storage boxes holding things.

This exercise will not only free up extra space, it will also make it a lot easier to clean your home.

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Kitchen/Diner

Many kitchens have a lot of wasted space, and then the home has a dining room as well. You could create an extra empty room by changing your kitchen into a kitchen/diner. This can usually be very easily achieved. Just make sure that everything to do with cooking is in the kitchen end, and that the dining area has a table and chairs. As well as being useful at meal times, you may find this makes your kitchen the hub of your home. Family members will have somewhere to sit and chat with you while you are preparing a meal, or it could become the place where you all sit for a coffee.

It could be that you have a stud wall between your kitchen and dining room. Have it taken down and open up the space. With fewer walls and doors, your kitchen/diner will be much bigger than the two separate rooms were.

Be Ruthless

There is no end of ways you can create extra space in your home, you just have to be ruthless about some of the things you do. If you have a piece of furniture that really is too large for the room it is in, move it to another one, or replace it with something smaller.

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