17 things you can do with Facebook (for your business)
facebook for your business

17 things you can do with Facebook (for your business)

Facebook is one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools for businesses. Here are 17 things you can do with Facebook for your business to power your success and solidify your marketing strategy without breaking the bank.  Thanks to Digital360 for these amazing Bright Ideas.

Affordable ads through boosting posts -You can ‘boost’ any of your posts to a wide audience (as long as there’s not too much text in your image) for a small fee. It’s the perfect way to keep your brand messaging visible to an audience of your choice.

Establish strong brand visuals – Your Facebook page is your chance to solidify your brand’s look. From your header image to your business’s profile pic to your daily or weekly posts, you can create a consistent brand aesthetic to captivate new and existing customers.

Shout out your offering on your page – This feature is new as of June this year. Type your brand’s newest deal, mission statement or key offering over the header image to let everyone know your brand’s most important message of the day.

Elevator pitch – Your ‘about’ section – Practice your elevator pitch as you’ll need it for Facebook! Your ‘about’ tab should be a short, sharp way to lure potential customers with a keyword-rich description of your business and value you offer.

Create events and market them – Facebook events ‘near you’ pop up in everyone’s feeds, so imagine one of your business events gaining that visibility too? Your business page has an events tab option; the perfect way to create a clear event and market it with a limited budget. Choose a strong hero image to help gain traction.

Add a reviews tab – Public reviews are the newest trend in business, think how popular Airbnb and Uber have become! You can add a reviews tab to your Facebook page so clients can leave you their thoughts and comments, perfect to help persuade others to buy your product or book your next event.

Get more sign-ups for your email list – You know a big email list is incredibly powerful, so generate even more sign ups through your Facebook page. You can link your ‘sign up now’ button to your Mailchimp account so new sign-ups are automatically added to your lists. Less admin for you, yet you still reap the rewards.

Set up shop – Facebook’s newest shop option allows you to sell your products directly from Facebook. It’s like social media meets ebay.

Create offers and sales – If you’re expanding the value you offer eg. a two-for-one deal, or you’re having a seasonal sale, Facebook’s new ‘offers’ option lets you shout the offer to your followers, share it with friends, and boost it for even a small budget.

Offer a free giveaway to generate email sign ups – A lead magnet such as a one-page PDF guide is the perfect giveaway to lure new clients. You’re offering them value, and in return, they’re offering you their contact details. You can integrate this option with your lead magnet service such as LeadPages into your business’s Facebook page.

Use keywords to optimise your Google presence – Your ‘about’ section on your business’s Facebook page should use keywords related to your business, along with the keywords you usually associate with your page. It’s your chance to be clear, concise and help people find you thanks to Google.

Get business insights and create a social strategy around them – Marketing is all about data, and Facebook insights are created to help you see what posts have done well, how many people they reached, plus what engagement you got. This data can then help you decide what posts you should create in future to generate leads, create a community around your brand and optimise your time.

Direct public messaging – Clients and customers can message your business directly, often an easier way for them to contact you than email. It’s a great way to start casual interactions with potential clients, and share your offers and events quickly.

Video is king – You’ve heard content is king for business, and now video is the most prized content. Facebook offers you space to upload your brand’s videos, plus share them and boost them where needed.

Advertise on Instagram and Facebook in one fell swoop – Facebook owns Instagram, which makes your life easier when creating an ad. Once you create your ad, you can enable automatic posting in Instagram as well as Facebook to broaden your reach. It saves you valuable time, and you can keep budgets low if needed.

Integrate partner apps & services to your page – With everything from appointment booking apps to pizza delivery apps, Facebook has an integration option allowing you to integrate your business’s delivery options with your Facebook page.

Interact with customers, clients and public to get more leads – Ultimately, this is the main draw card of a Facebook business page; interaction and engagement to get more customers! As the world’s favourite social media platform, your Facebook page makes you relatable, visible and engaging for your clients. They can see you, share your stuff and your updates will pop up in their feeds. They’ll get to know your business, and with a great strategy, they’ll end up buying your product too!

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