Fantastic Hair

Fantastic Hair

Stuck in a rut with your hair ad want a quick fix?  Or just worried about the condition of your hair then check out these 17 BrightIdeas for Hair Styles and Hair Care. By Leesa De Freitas Hairdresser Studio 28 (Concord NSW)

Add a fringe Need a change but don’t want to loose length? Add a fringe.  You can change your whole look, without loosing any length.  There is a type of fringe to suit almost every face shape:

Long Face – Full Fringe
Round Face – Side Fringe
Heart Shape Face – Side Fringe
Square Face Shape – Full or Side Fringe

Change your parting change sides, move to the middle or mess it up a bit.

Rethink your style options – and mix it up! Try using a curling wand, straightening iron, hot rollers and experiment with putting your hair in different up styles.  It’s not as hard as you might think!

Make a subtle hair colour change  – think highlight, lowlights, fine to medium weaves, baylage or ombra

Make an outrageous colour change – think bold, bright colours and dramatic techniques such as dip dye, solid colour and slices

Semi’s – not into commitment? try a semi permanent colour (most semi colours last 6-12 washes)

Dry shampoo – no time to wash your hair?  Dry shampoo always works a treat.  No dry shampoo? Try talcum powder, just be sure to brush or blow it out thoroughly.

Tease – (not torture!).  It can look totally chic I swear! Just tease and spray with hairspray and pin hair into place.  (No one will ever know you didn’t have time to wash your hair!)

Protect your hair – always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.  It’s an important step in protecting your hair.  It’s not only about getting hair clean (you could use soap for that!) it’s about cleaning and protecting the hair.

Be sun wise – Spending some time in the sun?  Apply a conditioner (a cheap supermarket one is fine) to dry hair.  The conditioner will act as a sunscreen protecting the hair from the sun, saltwater and chlorine.  After swimming in salt or chlorinated water rinse hair with plain tap water and re-apply conditioner.  Once you get home wash with shampoo and conditioner as normal and prepare to be amazed at how soft and silky your hair will be!

Think you have no time for treatment? – Want to use a treatment but have no time to leave it in?  Shampoo and apply a treatment… a little time is better then no time… then finish with conditioner.  The conditioner will lock the treatment into the hair.

Get a lift! – If you have blond hair or highlights do yourself a favour and invest in a purple shampoo.  A purple shampoo will keep out gold and brassy tones and make your hair look gorgeous for longer.

Minty fresh – Boil a pot of hot water and add a couple of peppermint tea bags, then allow to cool.  Shampoo, condition and then give your hair a final rinse with peppermint water.  Your hair will be so soft and shiny and smell divine.

Get the Greys – Greys coming through and no time for a colour?  Try a hair crayon (available from Price attach and most chemists).  A colour crayon will temporarily help to disguise grey roots.  Waterproof mascara also works well on dark hair.

Rinse in cold water – after shampooing and conditioning rinse your hair in cold water to seal in the moisture and close the cuticles.  I’ll forgive you if you don’t do it in the middle of winter though!

Wrap it up – straightening your hair at night and want it to stay that way the next day – fist use a good straightening product and flat iron, then try wrapping your hair up in a scarf or using a shower cap to sleep in!

Untangle the curls – make sure you use plenty of conditioner and comb through with a wide toothed comb while still wet.


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