How To Get That Feeling Of Home
how to get that feeling of home

How To Get That Feeling Of Home

The feeling of home, is just that, a feeling… and it’s a feeling we must generate within our homes in order to feel at home.  Unfortunately, a home is not something we can simply purchase – we have to work to create a sense of home, and this article uncovers a number of ways to help you do this; broken down into three aspects – the first is about creating the necessary canvas, the second is about making your home comfortable and fir for purpose, and the third is about little aesthetic touches that contribute to the feeling of home.

The first phase is the process of decluttering, cleaning and organising:


One of the first and most important steps to getting your home in order is to declutter your space, as not only do the items that clutter up your house take up physical space, but also mental and emotional space too.  Indeed, the saying, tidy house tidy mind, is true, and in this vein Backyard Bins has more information in terms of skip hire for all the unwanted junk and clutter you will be removing from your house as part of this process.


The next step, after decluttering your home is to clean it.  Again, this isn’t just a practical experience as the emotional benefits of cleaning are huge – there is a feeling of things being more in control and orderly when living in a clean house.


Organisation within the home comes down to many different aspects, for instance, there’s often an overwhelming need to organise your kitchen – from getting items of food that are out of date out of your cupboards, to organising your pots and pans; this way you’ll save a lot of time when it comes to cooking.  The other aspect to consider in the vein of organisation is to organise your documents and files.


The second phase is the process of making your home comfortable:


Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your home; it should be quiet in terms of sound and soothing in terms of the colours – for instance, it’s very hard to sleep in a bedroom with bright green walls compared to softer hues.  

A further key component of a bedroom is that it should have plenty of natural light and fresh air circulating in the room… this way, you will wake up feeling much more refreshed, and fresh air is much better than air conditioning as air conditioning units tend to dry out the sinuses.

The most important aspect of your bedroom, however, is that of the bed.  You want a bed that you feel comfortable in – not something that is just expensive, or marketed as the best solution in the world; beds are personal, so it has to be something that you uniquely feel comfortable in; a bed that supports your unique body.


The bathroom is most likely the place where you first go upon waking, meaning, you want to create a nice atmosphere here.  It’s also the place you likely go when you are looking to unwind and close the door on a busy day, or hectic lifestyle, by having a nice warm and relaxing bubble bath.

Using nice products that smell very fragrant and are to your taste is one way to make yourself feel more at home.  Smell has a unique ability to link-in with previous memories and change our state; meaning if you want to unwind and relax, you might want to consider using a different product to what you use in the morning when you need to focus and rebuild your energy levels for the day ahead.


The place you spend most of your time, is likely to be your bedroom, as for most people they sleep 6-8 hours a night… though much of this time, we are asleep, meaning the place where we spend most our waking hours is the living room.  

Here, the focus is often centred around a large flat screen TV, yet a living room shouldn’t just use this as the central stage – a living room should encourage interaction and family time, as well as relaxing time, so consider using soft furnishings and comfortable chairs to encourage people to chill out whilst also being sociable with each other.


It’s a sad fact that today, the majority of people (particularly teenagers) spend almost all of their time connected to a mobile device – meaning they are not very “present” within the family home.  For this reason, having a specific dining space is a good idea where you can implement boundaries such as not having phones at the dinner table in order to encourage interaction and family time.

The third phase is the process of making your home feel more like home aesthetically:


Having candles in your home makes most people feel much warmer and more relaxed in their environment.  Indeed, scented candles that utilise the power of aromatherapy oils are scientifically proven to have a relaxing effect on your nervous system, making them an ideal choice for people that need a little extra help in de-stressing after a long day. (Just remember do not leave them unattended – ever)


Even in the warm summer months, it can still be nice to cuddle up with a soft throw or blanket when watching your favourite film.  These soft furnishings add a sense of warmth and softness to your home making it feel a lot more cosy and comfortable.


In a similar vein to the above, cushions make a home feel more like home and serve a practical purpose in terms of making people more physically comfortable as they can adjust the cushions to suit their position.


Having photos of friends and family, in addition to places you’ve visited can make you feel much more at home within your home as it connects your home with your sense of self.


Fresh flowers have a unique way of adding a sense of luxury to your home, in part, because of their fragrance but also their vibrant and dazzling colours which inject a sense of freshness and vitality into your space.


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