Feeling Weak? Here is What You Should Do

Feeling Weak? Here is What You Should Do

Feeling physically and mentally weak at times is normal as the human body needs time to heal. The body needs rest and proper diet to make up for the hormones to recover from possible trauma and exertion. With never-ending chores and endless hours of job work, everyone needs to care for their bodies which have gotten neglected due to the hectic daily schedule. In some cases, protein powder and protein intake give us a quick energy boost.

Here are a few tips for you if you are frequently feeling weak:

  1.  Consider Self-Contemplation

Fatigue and tiredness of the body lead to asthenia. In this condition a person cannot move a body part. Muscular cramps and weakness arise due to many reasons. The world around us demands us to be distinct from the rest of the human race. In the search for the meaning of life, and on the journey of becoming something bigger than ourselves, we face a lot of difficulties and barriers.

Firstly, the capitalistic society entangles us in a continuous loop of work, the urge to earn and collect more possessions is contagious and tiresome. The 9 am to 5 pm jobs confine us to a room and the walls within that room become our reality.  A bitter reality of caging ourselves to a room with a purpose that is unclear to us. Our muscles get stressed out by constantly sitting day in day out. The feeling of losing interest in worldly matters arises when your body is tiresome and weak. Lack of sleep also plays a role in making us slow at performing everyday tasks. The question is how can we overcome and resolve these weaknesses? To solve the problem we need to take some time out for self-contemplation.

  • Try Meditation

Meditation, a journey which helps a person bring back peace of mind. The rush of life blurs our ability to understand the roles humans play on earth. Cease, stop, and look around yourself. Look at the arrangement of your possessions. Meditation starts at that moment you pay attention to the little things around you. It helps to ease the situation around you, to relieve your stress and to replace the rush of life with hope.

 Meditation is a way to get your attention back, to remain in the moment and to be content with what you have. It sets you free from otherworldly matters. The office walls which exhausted you once will start calming you in silence. Yoga and meditation together are the best steps that you can take for a healthy body and mind. Many yoga poses have been practiced for hundreds of years and are very effective. During meditation, you let go of all the worldly matters and reach a zone where you no longer think about your worries. This is why doctors recommend meditation for some patients who are experiencing weakness.

  • Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to this, have a proper diet plan to keep your body active, your nutritional intake becomes a part of your body. When you eat healthily, the body reacts accordingly. The high intake of water keeps your body hydrated and ultimately helps you to make better decisions in life.  Looking at the screen for hours makes you unable to come up with better ideas in the office. Having healthy food strengthens your memory cells and improves your decision making.  Include fruit, vegetables, grains, healthy carbs, and protein-rich food in your diet.  Lean proteins charge the body with lots of energy and make you feel vibrant.

Moreover,  consult your doctor for vitamins and supplements, a few tests will define if you have any vitamin deficiency. Further, having a social circle broadens your ability to understand human psychology.  The idea of individualism is preferred in today’s world, but the communities which work together are less stressful. Finally, t Vitamin B-12 deficiency makes the bones and muscles weak and gradually leads to other problems and diseases.

  • Surround Yourself with Positive Minds

 If you live in a community, having a big social circle helps to create opportunities to help others and you do not socially isolated. It builds up a tolerance, and the ability to accept diversity within cultures and meet people with bigger problems. When we have a bigger social circle we are exposed to stories and experiences of others. These social interactions teach you to let go of trivial issues. 

  • Take a Break

Finally, take a trip to a new place. Exploring new places is essential to understanding cultural diversity. The idea of relativism has to be understood. Cultures being static is a myth. Traveling different places connect you to other human cultures. Let’s take an example, have you met a person who has come back from visiting a new place and tells you all the wonders that he experienced, doesn’t it enlighten you.  


The piece of mind is above any activity that is imposed on you.  Your career and money are not as important as peace of mind. Feeling weak is normal and it occurs due to hormonal changes in our body and lack of nutrients. Just concentrate on both physical and mental health, and you will see the change in a short time.  Always eat organic food and avoid processed food, they are not healthy and harmful to the body. Doctors can also provide a food chart that can help you to eat right to fight fatigue and weakness.

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