Find Your Place In The World!
find your place in the world

Find Your Place In The World!

Find Your Place In The World In 2018!

2018 already feels like a positive year for many of us. We started this year likely with a detailed plan of action and maybe 10 resolutions in a list to get us going. However, when all of the hype over the new year settles down and your resolutions turn into distant memories… what now?


This year is the year that you find your place in the world. It might seem like a rather deep concept, but it is more about knowing who you are, what you want in life and taking action to be who you were destined to be. Many young people go through their late teens and early twenties flitting from job to job, relationship to relationship and hobby to hobby. When does it all stop? Finding where you belong in life and what you really want can be a big job, but one which we can help you with.


Find a home

First of all you will want to find yourself somewhere to live. It’s no secret that the housing market has skyrocketed in the last 5 years, and the opportunities to get on the property ladder are fleeting at most, but buying a home isn’t the only option available for you. You can find some beautiful granny flats or apartments to rent in the city or maybe look to buy in rural areas our city outskirts, and it will mean that you don’t have to wait for years to save up for a mortgage. Do your sums and get some professional advice to work out what you can afford. 

find your place in the world
find your place in the world and find a home


Find your passion

The only way you will be able to find where you fit in the world and in your life is to find what you are most passionate about. You will have been pushed from pillar to post during your school days, telling you that you need to be a scientist, or a writer, or a lawyer… but none of this means a thing if you are not passionate about it. Life is way too short to spend it doing something you don’t like. Take some time to think about what you love. It could be that you care about protecting animals- and if so you can volunteer to help conservation projects or even train to be an environmentalist. Even if the training will be difficult, if it is something you love to do, it is worth doing.

find your place in the world
find your place in the world and find your passion


Try new things

Finally, you need to push yourself out of our comfort zone and experience more things. If you are unsure where you want to be in life, you will never find out unless you try and experience as much as possible. Travelling is a great way to do this, you can go somewhere you’ve never been and experience different lifestyles. You may find that this is where you belong and choose to live here, or you may learn things about yourself and who you really are. All of this will help you to figure out your place in life.


find your place in the world
find your place in the world and try new things


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