Five Simple Baby-Bonding Tips For New Dads

Five Simple Baby-Bonding Tips For New Dads

When it comes to advice for new mums, you can find an almost infinite amount of content on the internet. You’ll also never struggle for advice from friends, family and other mums.

But for dads, there’s a bit less out there. There are less written content, videos and other media advising new dads on how to bond with their babies. 

But this shouldn’t be the case. In modern families these days, dads do just as much work with the kids as mums do. So that’s why we’ve put together X simple baby-bonding tips for new dads.

Tip 1 – Go for Walks

That’s right, bust out the double pram and go for a walk with your baby, weather permitting. This is a great activity that offers a fantastic bonding experience. Talk to your baby as you walk, as you would to an adult. This encourages them to begin to hear, understand and develop language skills. It will also help to build trust in the relationship. Trust is what any quality relationship between father and child should be based on.

Tip 2 – Help With Every Activity

Everything that mum is doing with the kids, you can do too. Feed your baby from the bottle when they’re hungry, play with them during tummy time, bathe them at night and change their nappies when they are full.

By doing all these parenting responsibilities with your baby, you are bonding with them. They’ll grow up to trust, love and respect you if you’re a constant presence in their lives from the get-go. 

Tip 3 – Take Some Time Off Work

Bonding begins from the moment your child is born, as they learn your scent and the sound of your voice.

That’s why new dads need to take a few weeks off work when the baby arrives. Most workplaces have some form of parental leave provisions for new fathers. These might not be as generous as maternity leave, but you should get two weeks paid time off at least. 

As well as being important for bonding with baby, this time off is essential for helping your partner around the house as well. Chores don’t stop just because a baby has arrived. There are still surfaces to dust, floors to mop and food to cook. Oh, and you’ll probably have more dishes and laundry to do with the baby bottles and baby clothes.

Tip 4 – Have Skin to Skin Cuddle Time

This is super important in the very early days of your baby’s life. Don’t be afraid to take off your shirt and let bubba lay on your chest for a while. It’s super relaxing, and you’ll feel connected to your baby as you comfort them. Sing them a song or lullaby as you do, to soothe them with your voice.

Tip 5 – Read to Your Baby Often

Begin reading to your baby as soon as they are born. Again, the sound of your voice will become familiar and a source of comfort. But this will also assist in their development. Children who get read to from an early age often learn to read earlier in life. And you can’t go wrong by setting them up to become a bookworm. 

A Cuddly Conclusion

Here we’ve listed five tips to help new dads bond with their babies. Go for walks in the pram, chatting away to your baby as you do. Do everything that mum does with your child. Take some time off work in the first few weeks if you’re able to. Have skin to skin cuddle time often, and also read to your baby frequently – every day if you can. 

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