Free Educational Apps For Kids

Free Educational Apps For Kids

How often do you say to yourself, thank goodness I have a smartphone to keep the kids occupied! There are lots of apps for kids out there but you often feel a lot better handing over your phone or tablet if you have an educational app for the kids to play with. Here are our 17 bright ideas for free educational apps for kids. (Many of them have the ability to upgrade to a full game but can still be played without handing over any money). I did my research on the Apple App Store but I am sure most of them would be available on Android too. If you have any free education apps on your phone that you think everyone should know about, let us know. This  list was inspired by a List Topic Suggestion from our Bright Sparks Member, Kristy.

My Story World (Comprehension) – This is an interactive story app that helps with kids comprehension.  You get 3 stories and then need to subscribe to get more stories but there us a great range to suit all children. I think it suits pre-schoolers and it allows kids to interact with the story and answer questions on what is going on.

Maths vs Zombies (Math) – If you are looking for a way to get boys to practice their maths, then this might be the app for you. Battle the zombies by blasting them with your maths skills. It’s a fun way to get better at maths and is good for early primary aged kids. It’s is free, so it has some advertising.

Agnitus (Variety) – This is a good app for a variety of ages. You are asked to put in your child’s age before you start. It has are good fun graphics and characters and it targets a number of different skills. I did find it was a bit simple for my six year old but she enjoyed playing. There are also quite a few games to choose from and parents can get updates on their child’s progress. You get a weeks trial and then it reverts to just 3 games but still worth a go.

Phone 4 Kids (Variety) – I really like this App for kids under 3. It has a number of short games that introduce young kids to movement, music and counting. I find it is a great distraction when you are in the line at the bank and you can feel like your child is learning something…

Pili Pop (Comprehension) – This free app requires you to sign up and then you get monthly updates on your child’s progress. There are several levels and quite a few games to complete in each level. The focus is on comprehension and your child gets to find out about other countries at the same time as each level focuses on a country (eg Level 1 = India). This app also was a bit different to others I’ve seen as you get to say some of your answers by talking to your device which added an extra element of fun.

Memory Game (Memory) – This is a great app for improving memory. It is a game of memory and you can choose letters, colours or numbers and you can have up to 4 kids playing a game. There is a advertising at the bottom of the screen but nothing too intrusive. You can change the number of cards to turn over too so it will grow with your kids.

Tiny Tap (Variety) – I really like this app as you can make it suit your child. You are given 4 mini games to start and then you can add games. Some you have to pay for but there are quite a few that are free. All you need to do is sign-up. There are games on language, maths and science and all have a recommended age with some for 1+ all the way up to 6+. With so many games to choose from on so many different learning areas, you are sure to find something. If not, you can even create your own game.

Site Words Gr 1+2 (Spelling) – If you are looking to help your kids with sight words, try this app. It has two levels so it is probably good for kids in kinder to year 2, depending on your child’s progress. It also has a few fun ways to learn the words like bingo and memory game.

Alphabet Aquarium Letter Reading Adventure (Letters)– This app is good for pre-schoolers who want to learn about letters. The free version only has A-E but it’s worth a look. The graphics are bright and cute and young kids may not mind if they can only see a few letters.

Whole Wide World (Geography & Social Studies) – Why not let your child travel the world and learn about the world around them along the way. There are games where you move your device and learn about different cultures.

ABC Alphabet Phonics (Letters) – There isn’t too much to this free version but it is great for young kids to start learning about letters. Kids have to touch the correct letter. The more they play, the better they will get.

Shapes and Colours Toddler Preschool (Colours, Shapes, Counting) – I think this is a great free app for kids under 4. It has fun looking characters and it is easy to navigate and play the simple but educational games on shapes, colours, counting and size.

Maths Party Free (Math) – If you want an app for younger primary school aged children, this is a great one to help them with Math. The objective of the game is to click on numbers from lowest to highest but they are moving around in bubbles (or macaroons) and they can even be a math equation.

Blackboard Sight Words (Spelling) – This app will help with spelling for primary school aged kids. You can change the level up to grade 3 and you can have both flash cards and a spelling game.  The graphics are basic but is sure to help with learning spelling.

The Lemonade Stand (Money & Direction) – This app is from the US so it is not Australian currency but it is a fun game that teaches kids how to follow instructions and about earning money. There is also a really cool song about saving money that is worth the effort of the download. It is hard to get the kids away from this free app.

Interactive Periodic Table (Science) – If you have a child at high school doing chemistry, take a look at this free app. You can pick any element from the periodic table and it will give you a brief run down (melting point, boiling point, structure, who discovered it) and even has a picture of what it looks like. I wish I had this when I was at school.

Piano Free With Songs (Music) – This is a great app for anyone who is musical. It could also be good for kids who are learning to play the piano and want a bit of extra practice. A great way to get kids excited about music.


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