17 Bright Ideas for Fun, Affordable Dates With Your Special Someone!

17 Bright Ideas for Fun, Affordable Dates With Your Special Someone!

Are you looking for ideas for fun, affordable dates? Keeping the romance in your life doesn’t have to cost the earth. Liz Stringer, Founder & Managing Director at Miracle Minded, has given us her great 17 bright ideas for fun, affordable dates you can take that someone special that don’t require you to be a millionaire. If it’s a first date or a night away from the kids, you’ll find one of these bright ideas perfect for you. Make your Romantic date even more special with our LOVE BOX – everything you need to turn your date from great to Spectacular!

Weekend sunrise coffee date  There is definitely something exciting about rising early on the weekend when we are doing something we will enjoy, i.e. not getting up early for work! Add a beautiful sunrise, the start of a brand new amazing day. Plus someone special and the most important ingredient, Coffee! What a wonderous start to your weekend with this idea for affordable dates.

No destination bike riding  Aah cruising along with the wind in your hair, sun on your shoulders. Nowhere to be, everywhere to go. Bike riding has a sense of real freedom plus some exercise is great for releasing endorphins making us happy! Bonus.

Cooking a meal together  Have you heard the saying, food brings people together. Cooking a meal together for family & friends is a lovely way to bring everyone together. Especially you and your special someone. The three F’s, Family, Friends and Food!

Learn a new hobby – Paddle boarding for an example is one of the newest water based hobbies. What a great experience for you to enjoy together. Lovely calm water, expansive views and something brand new.

His/Hers massage appointment  Many reputable masseurs offer His/Hers massage deals. Be pampered at the same time. Share the bliss.

Campfire with marshmallows & Kahlua  First set the scene. Campfire and bean bags. Then its simple. Cuddles around a campfire while eating Kahlua dipped marshmallows is possibly heaven on earth!

Champagne breakfast picnic  Fresh fruit, bagels, ham, cheese, tomato, spinach, avocado and… champagne! Delicious, healthy and a little naughty.

The classic milkshake sharing scene  How many times have we seen and loved this scene in movies. One large milkshake, two straws and lost in each others eyes… Say no more.

Nature walks  For very affordable dates, there is nothing quite as nourishing to your soul as enjoying your surrounding nature. Get away from the developed world and get back to beautiful, serene Mother Nature. Sigh…  

Moonlight skinny dip  All the men reading this article are suddenly listening and thinking, Now you are talking lol Moonlight skinny dipping is super invigorating! I recommend making it a weekly date.

Surprise candlelit dinner  Sounds cliche’ but there is something special about ambient lighting, fabulous food and the scent of a candle burning. It’s been an award winning date for years and years. With so many different menu options this date can be repeated and repeated.

Stargazing on a rug in nature  What a wonder. The world seems enormous. Peace, tranquility and wondering whats really out there. An awesome experience to share.

Drive-in movies – It’s a real shame there aren’t too many of these around anymore. Remember the Drive-In days? It can be so much fun watching a movie from the comfort of your car and talk about teenage romance, reignite that experience.

Scenic Sunday drive  Sunday is known as the day of rest. Sharing a scenic drive with the windows down is a perfect way to spend a relaxing day just looking out the window as the world goes by.

Fish & chips at the beach  Yum! Sitting down at the beach sharing some delicious fish and chips is something we usually do as a last minute dining option. Instead make a date of it. A bottle of wine would go down as a perfect addition.

Throwing a line in a local jetty  The excitement and adrenalin of catching a fish is why we do it! Why not share that with someone special while enjoying the ambiance of the water and outdoors.

Sunset cruise  Classic romantic date. Two hours of chilling on the water with champagne in hand. Watching another wonderful day come to an end, hand in hand with someone special.


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