17 Bright Ideas To Get Back To Nature

17 Bright Ideas To Get Back To Nature

Get back to nature and nurture your soul. Life can get very busy and often we forget to take the time to sit back and look at the amazing world around us. Our Earth is so beautiful and giving that if we just take the time to see the world around us, we’d learn to appreciate it more. Here are 17 bright ideas to get back to nature:

Meditate – Meditation is the number one spiritual self-improvement tool for many religious cultures and is also a great way to get back to nature. You needn’t assign yourself to a spiritual tradition to get the most out of it though, as mindfulness meditation (vipassana,) is a great way to escape cyclic thought patterns and reconnect to your genuine personality.

Exercise – Your body is a fruit of the earth, and exercising will allow you to reconnect with it and nature. This will improve your energy levels, overall health and is a great way of ‘paying your dues,’ to live a stronger, more able and ultimately happier life.

Go Hiking – Going hiking on a nature trail or up a mountain is a fantastic way to see some awesome scenery and remind yourself of how beautiful your local area could be. The most jaw-dropping view could be a mile outside of your home, so be sure to explore!

Go Camping – Staying in nature overnight will help you reconnect with the environment and can help you feel intimate with the animal life. Life moves fast in the city, in nature it moves slowly. Allowing yourself to soak this in is always healthy.

Research Clean Energy – What can you do to improve your carbon footprint? Could you install solar panels on your property and save money on your energy bill? Check here to see how to live more sustainably: http://www.countrysolarnt.com.au/

Cultivate A Garden – Cultivating a garden is one of the more meditative and therapeutic endeavours you can embark on. Within a few weeks, you’ll be hooked for life. It’ll also give you an appreciation for the majesty of life.

Explore A New Culture – Travel can broaden your mental horizons. Make use of this in order to better understand your place on this Earth.

Volunteer – Volunteering for community action such as litter picking, community gardening or simply helping with a nature photography class are excuses to get into nature.

Recycle – Make sure to separate your recyclables and non-recyclables for an easy way to lessen your families wastage.

Plant Trees – Grow a legacy that could last for years by growing trees in your garden or community area. Do some research to make sure the tree isn’t too big and will complement the space you are planting. 

Get Involved – Get involved in activism. Depending on your political beliefs, there might be some form of environmental action you can take part in and feel like you’ve contributed.

Read up about Natural Supplementation – Fulvic acid or aloe vera claim to provide natural remedies to a deficient diet or skincare routine. Find out if they can be something that you’re looking for.

Add to a greener world when your gone – It may now be possible to have a tree grow from your buried remains. If your wish is to be buried after your death, why not choose something that could last for years and help the environment too? You’ll definitely need to discuss this option with your chosen cemetery. Another way to do this is have your remains buried in a rose garden, if that is available.

Source Natural Alternatives – Could you find clothes made out of recyclable materials? Could you be eating healthier food that doesn’t come with thick plastic packaging? The possibilities are endless here. Look for local growers markets or grow your own fruit and veg for the ultimate way to get back to nature.

Walk/Cycle Instead of Driving – This is the one you’ll hear most often. Cars are beautiful machines, but walking or taking public transport to the shops once in awhile can help you lessen your emissions drastically. It might be a little slower but you’ll have time to connect to your natural surroundings.

Tune Out – Instead of watching television to unwind, why not embark on a more fruitful hobby such as woodworking or simply keeping a bonsai tree? It’s always healthy to use a natural material in whatever form of creative action to help you gain an appreciation for nature.

Do The Best You Can – You don’t have to enact all of these steps to be happy, just one or two of these can help you switch things up in a positive way. What’s important is your intention. After doing one of these tips, you should take your place on this beautiful, strange planet a little less for granted and really feel that your are now able to get back to nature.

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