17 Bright Ideas To Get More Exercise Into Your Day

17 Bright Ideas To Get More Exercise Into Your Day

Want to get more exercise into your day? If you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, one thing we all know is that its hard to find time to look after yourself when you’ve got a lot on your plate. One thing I am always looking for is quick ways to get a bit more exercise into my day, just little ways to tone up and feel better. So, here is Vicki’s 17 Bright Ideas on how to get more exercise into your day. NOTE: Always check with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine:

Mow the lawn – Cancel the gardener and tell hubby to watch the kids because mowing the lawn is great for legs and arms. According to caloriecount.com, you could use up to 420 calories in 1 hour of lawn mowing and you’ll feel proud of the job you’ve done afterwards.

Take the stairs Avoid that lift that takes forever to come and use the stairs. Your legs will thank you and you might even save some time too.

Do squats while brushing your teeth – You should be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice a day so get out into the hallway and do squats while you brush.

Do push-ups on the sink after washing your hands – You probably wash your hands several times a day so make it a habit to lean against the sink and use your body weight to push your self up 20 to 30 times every visit to the bathroom. Your arms could feel tones and stronger in a few weeks.

Run around the backyard when the kids are playing – Don’t just sit there watching the kids play outside. Get out there and make an effort to run around the backyard for 5 mins and try to increase the amount of time each week.

Lift arm weights while waiting for the kettle to boil – Sometime it can feel like forever for a kettle to boil so why not buy yourself some light hand weights, like these cute pink ones from Rebel, keep them near the kettle and do some simple bicep curls while waiting for your water to boil.

Meet friends for a walk around a park rather than coffee and cake – Next time you get asked to meet up for a coffee, suggest a brisk walk around a near by park. You can still talk and catch up but you’ll be doing your legs a favour and you wont be temped by that delicious flourless chocolate cake.

Go shopping – This is my personal favourite way to get more exercise into your day. No need to give the credit card a work out though. Put your comfy shoes on and take a brisk walk around the shopping center and do some serious window shopping. Keep a brisk pace to maximize this exercise time.

While making breakfast/lunches for the family, dance to 1 full song on the radio – Pump up the music and go crazy around the kitchen dancing to your favouite song. The kids may find it funny but it will get your heart pumping and give you a boost for the day to come.

Hang out the washing one piece of clothing at a time – This method of hanging the washing will take a little longer than usual but if you go at a good pace you can make it into a good work out. Even better if you add some stairs into your path.

Use shopping bags to do triceps extensions when waiting for shopping centre lifts – Sometimes it is unavoidable to use a lift, especially if you have small kids with you so use that waiting time productively to give your arms a work out. Grab a shopping and do some are curls or overhead triceps extensions using the bags instead of a dumbbell – maybe don’t start with the toaster you just purchased from Myer!

Do sit ups before you get out of bed in the morning – The minute that the alarm goes off, don’t roll over and hit snooze, rather get moving and do 10 sit ups. It will only take a minute or 2 and after a while, you’ll be able to increase the amount you do and you’re stomach is sure to look more toned.

Walk while on the phone – While you are on hold with the phone company or waiting for the bank to check on something, don’t just sit but walk around the house. You don’t want to push yourself too hard and get puffed but by simply walking around you are getting yourself moving.

Jump rope during a commercial break – Buy yourself a $5 skipping rope and every time you watch TV, jump up during the commercials and skip. Jumping rope is a high intensity exercise that can be done quickly so start with one commercial during the break at first and build up to doing the while break. This is a sure fire winner for getting you fit.

Every time you have a coffee break at work, climb up and down the fire stairs for 5 mins – Get up from your desk at work and get some exercise during your coffee break. Get out to the stair well and climb up and down for 5 mins and get more exercise into your day. If you are worried about missing out on all the goss, take a couple of friends with you and get healthy together.

Wake up 5 mins earlier every day and walk/run around the block – This is probably my least favourite of all the options get more exercise into your day but if you are more of an earlybird 5 mins should be something you can handle. Have you clothes and joggers by the bed and jump straight into them then make a quick dash around the block and be back in time to help everyone get ready for the day ahead.

Do a YouTube exercise while the kids are having a bath – Get the kids in the bath and grab the iPad. Pop on a quick 5 min Butt workout (like this one from FitnessBlender.com) that is easy to do in the bathroom while you keep an eye on the kids. You can even get the kids to cheer you on, because you’ll need it for this one.

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