Get Organised With Our FREE Templates

Get Organised With Our FREE Templates

When you are managing a household, it can really pay to be organised. One of our aims here at 17 Bright Ideas is to show our Bright Sparks Members great ideas on ways to get more organised so they have more time for family and fun. We have developed 17 templates and checklists relating to different areas of life that will help you to stay on top of tasks. We have also made our templates changeable – we have put them in Word and Excel so that you can download them, then make them your own by changing them to fit your life. Download one or all and see how much more organised you can be.

Gift Planning List – This template can help you to plan better for upcoming birthdays and celebrations. When you know what is coming up and what you are looking for, you can take advantage of sales and bulk buying and save yourself money without compromising on getting that special gift for the wonderful people in your life.

Fruit & Veg In Season – It is common knowledge that fruit and vegetables in season are better quality at a better price than out of season produce. Use our this template to refer to and you will always know what produce is in season to plan your menu and shopping.

Kids Birthday Party Planner Check List – Kids birthday parties can be lots of fun for kids but planning them can be a real headache for parents. Simply use our template to make all the preparations a breeze. This step-by-step guide will allow you to enjoy all the fun too.

House Hunting Information Sheet – Looking for the perfect home or investment property can be hard work. Keep track of open house timings, prices and your comments using our template. Being more organised might help you to get the result you want.

Important Phone Number List – Even though we keep all our numbers on our mobiles these day, use this template to keep important numbers handy for everyone in the house. Grandparents, babysitters or older children will be able to access important phone numbers quickly and you won’t have to worry when you are not at home.

Housework Checklist & Organisation Chart – Managing a household can be time consuming and overwhelming. Use our this checklist to keep track of your housework as well as helping you to schedule when to do chores to maximise your time and manage your housework more effectively.

Weekly Family Chores Chart – Get the whole family involved in the housework to help take the load off you. Use this template to map out who does what and it will allow you to keep track of who is a great helper in your family.

Family Holiday Check List – Everyone loves a holiday but planning can be very stressful. Use this Holiday Checklist Template to help you plan and pack for your holiday so you can enjoy every minute of your time away without worrying you have forgotten something.

Household Budget Spreadsheet – Trying to balance the household budget can be hard if you don’t have a plan and you don’t keep track of what you spend. Use our budget spreadsheet to plan your budget and help you to stay on track with your spending. Who knows, you might even get to save more?

Household Budget & Bill Tracker – This is a great template to keep track of your expenditure on bills. Know how much they have gone up and down, when payments are due and what you have spent month to month so you can plan your household budget better.

7 Day Family Meal Planner – Plan your family’s meals with this weekly meal planning template. Planning ahead can help your family to eat healthier and stay on budget as well as less stress for you.

My Shopping List – Making a shopping list is a great way to stop impulse buying. Use this template to keep track of what you need on your next shopping trip and you might just save some money along the way.

Kids Reward Chart – Rewards charts are a great way to encourage kids to learn things or complete tasks such as toilet training or clean up their room. Use our chart to encourage your kids to reach their potential.

Homework and Project Tracker – If you and your child need help to keep track of homework and assignments then download this homework tracker. You’ll always be on top of what deadlines are coming up which will help with planning and better results.

Website Login/Password Reminder – Keep track of all those clubs and groups you are part of on the internet with this template.  Now you won’t have to scroll through all your past emails next time you want to buy something or make a comment on a page because all the passwords and user names will be all in one place (Remember: don’t use this for any sensitive information like bank details!)

Tradesperson Details – Keep all your tradesperson contact details in one place with this template. Now you will always have the details at the ready, so there will be no panic looking in an emergency.

Family & Friends Birthday List – Don’t just rely on Facebook to keep track of family and friends birthdays. (Not everyone displays their correct birthday). Instead, use our template to have a permanent record of birthdays so you never miss that special day of someone close.

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