How Can I Get The Kids Outside?

How Can I Get The Kids Outside?

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17 Bright Ideas for inexpensive games for kids to play outside

You may have noticed that Sue and I have written an E-Book, ‘The List Lovers Collection’, which you can purchase from our site. You may also be wondering why you would buy a book of lists when we have lists on our site that are free? We do put a lot of energy into researching all our lists but the 17 lists that we have in our e-book are an extra special collection of amazing lists that are filled with really useful information.

One of the lists we have, which might be very helpful at the moment as it is school holidays is our list of Inexpensive Games For Kids To Play Outside. With all the technology available to kids these days, I often find it hard to get kids to play outside for longer than 10 minutes. This lists has some really great ideas of games to play for boys and girls.

Here is a sneak peak at one of our bright ideas on this great list:

# 13 Apple Grab

Tie a string to the stalk of an apple and then tie the other end to a tall branch or clothes line. Get the kids to see how much apple they can successfully eat in 5 minutes.

Hope you give this game a try and if you have fun, why not check out the rest of the list when you purchase our e-book The List Lovers Collection for just $9.95.

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