17 Bright Ideas to Get You Out Of The House

17 Bright Ideas to Get You Out Of The House

Are you looking for something to do to get you out of the house? If you work from home or are raising young kids, you can feel trapped in your house sometimes but here are 17 Bright Ideas to Get You Out Of The House…

Go and grab a drink – If it’s a coffee on a cold day or an iced tea on a warm day, it doesn’t matter. Get out to your local coffee shop and read a book or find a friend for a chat.

Take a walk – If you’re working from home, why not spend your break taking a walk around the block instead of staying indoors? This is also a great option for a stay at home mum to calm down young kids and get some fresh air.

Organise a vacation – One of the best ways to get out of the house is to organise a vacation to get out to a new place in a domestic resort or somewhere overseas. Consider something like Air B&B so you can meet some new people too.

Socialise – Connect with old friends and family and go for a visit or a meal. It’s something you must do to build relationships. If it’s hard to find a date to meet up, plan ahead or big in a date for a future catch up on the day you meet.

Grab a bite to eat – No matter if your fridge is full, ride out to that new brunch place in town and get something to eat! You could even consider take away and find a peaceful park.

See some music – Live music is amazing and you can see upcoming concerts at Ticket Merchant or look for free music concerts in your area. Just don’t forget to bring your earplugs to keep your ears safe.

Take the kids to the park – If you don’t like being stuck inside, neither do the kids. Take them to the park! Ask friends and neighbours for any new parks in your area or take a look at these 17 Bright Ideas if you live in Sydney.

See a movie – If you can sneak in your own snacks to avoid the heavy premiums on cinema food, you can certainly enjoy the movies on the cheap. Also look for cheap Tuesday deals to save on the cost.

Visit the beach – The beach is a unique getaway that can be relaxing or exciting depending on your interests. Building sandcastles or taking a swim are fun things to do or just sit on the sidelines and eat an ice cream watching people walk past.  This is a great way to get out of the house.

Walk the dog more – We see this task as a chore, but it can be refreshing, just don’t forget your pooper scooper! Your pooch needs walks and so do you!

Go for a bike ride – Cycling is an all year round activity that is good for more than just exercise; it’s transportation.

Cook outside – It can be at home or in a park, but if the weather is decent, get the BBQ out. Even on a colder day, it might be worth doing just to get outside.

Visit your parents – Older folks get a bit lonely sometimes, so get out and see the people who brought you up! Ask them about their childhood and record it for future generations.

Volunteer – If you’ve got spare time on your hands, you can get out and about and do something for the greater good. Many charities and local groups are always looking for help.

Get involved with clubs – book clubs, film clubs and politics – whatever gets you out the house to meet new people. There are men’s sheds or quilting groups – with so many options just work out what you love.

See your local area – Pointless travel is amazing. If you can spend time going to see new towns and villages often, you’ll expand your knowledge of the local area without the expense of a vacation.

Find a community garden – Many local communities have gardens where you can help to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables. Gardening can be very relaxing and you’ll meet people so why not get out of your house and get gardening.

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