17 Bright Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

17 Bright Ideas to Get Your Business Noticed

Get your business noticed! In this age of intense competition, it is very important that people notice what you sell or offer. Marketing holds the key to the solution. Most take the expensive approach of hiring a marketing consultant and blasting away emails. While these can bring results, they can burn a hole in your purse. However, there are lots of activities that is possible for you to do without spending a penny. A huge thanks to Belinda Bow of Green Chilli Marketing for this wonderful list.

Make yourself visible in the community you live in – Join the local organisation that offers opportunities for business networking. You can also engage in volunteer work for a big charity.

Be a participant in a number of online marketing groups – Do find out groups which discuss marketing. You can find them on Twitter and other Social Media sites.

Be available – Spread your business card around. You never know who will call.

Submit your information to relevant blogs – Writers of blogs are always searching for fresh content. Filter to select the appropriate blogs and send them emails that list out in detail the services or products sold by your company.

Reward your existing customers – Offer your regular customers exclusive incentives. Notify them through email or direct them to a specifically created web page.

Use existing customers to attract new customers – Offer incentives to existing customers so that they can get a discount or a reward when they get a new customer for you.

Make a fab website – Boring sites are useless for business. Vibrant and fresh websites attract new customers. Allow users to subscribe to get regular update notices.

Provide helpful and free information – Such information can include tips, reviews and hints relating to subjects that may be helpful in selling your product. You can also exchange links with other companies for better search engine rankings.

Use your downtime to market your company – When there is a lull in your business, keep calling up prospective customers. Email them using individual addresses. A little personal contact works magic in business relationships.

Visit your own website – Search for ways to improve it. It is often seen that websites of small businesses load slowly and are very hard to navigate. Fix all the problems that you see and your customers tell you.

Be active online – Do not hesitate to use your company signature lines that contain links directing visitors to your website. However, do not spam social sites or discussion forums.

Go through the websites of your suppliers – Add links to your own website for helpful and informative content on your suppliers’ sites. Many companies provide instructional videos that can educate your customers as well.

Get a connection for a toll free number – It will make you appear professional and costs are much lower than you think.

Start a blog and update it frequently – The worst image of your business is a stale website. Highlight your products or services. Run contests at specific intervals. If possible start a ‘customer of that month’ offer.

Use Social Media – Use Twitter and Facebook etc to spread the word around.

Visit online marketing websites – You can get great ideas from them. If possible, implement those in your website.

Never lose hope – For a small business, it will be an uphill battle to acquire new customers. Choose a new idea and implement it. Do this on a regular basis. Soon you will get more regular and happier customers.

  • Plus, incorporate the above ideas into your schedule and share your ideas with others!
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