Gift Ideas for Mums Over 40 (On Any Budget)

Gift Ideas for Mums Over 40 (On Any Budget)

It can sometime be hard to think of what to get your mum, especially when she is over 40 and has lots of things already. It is also hard to buy for mum when you are on a budget. Here are 17 bright ideas for gifts for mums over 40, for what ever budget you have:

A great eye cream – The area under our eyes is very delicate and ages quickly so why not buy a great cream to help mum look after herself. Upper End: SkinCeuticals AOX+ that combats aging and fatigue or if you are on a Lower End: Nivea Visage Q10 Refreshing Eye Roll-On for reduced wrinkles and puffiness.

Tickets to a show – There are so many possibilities here that will all depend on what your mum likes, what is on and where you live. Upper End: The Opera. What mum doesn’t love the chance to get all dressed up and you might even want to chip in for a pre-show glass of champagne. Lower End: A play at the local armature play house. There are a multitude of plays and musicals being performed that are of high quality where tickets sell for between $20-30. Check out one close to you like the ARC Theatre Company in Melbourne, Harbour Theatre in Fremantle or the Castle Hill Players in Sydney.

An Umbrella – This is a great gift for a practical mum. Whenever it rains she will smile and thank you. Upper End: You can never go past a great designer umbrella. Louis Vuitton has a great range from golf to fold away umbrellas. Lower End: Take a look at Stella Brella. They have an umbrella to suit every occasion starting from around $40 and they are based in Newcastle.

Name a Star – Make your mum feel like a star by naming one after her. Name A Star has a number of different options. Upper End: Ultimate Stargazer Gift Set includes a framed certificate, astronomy software, star chart and your name is launched into space for around $120 USD or Lower End: A certificate and your name is launched into space for $20 USD.

Shopping Bag – I think you can never have enough bags when shopping, no matter what age you are. Why not get mum a great shopping bag so she looks stylish when she hits the stores. Upper End: Longchamp PlanèTes Tote Bag. It folds up when you are not using it so you can carry it inside another bag and use it when you make a purchase, around $169 . Lower End: Apple Green Duck has some very pretty calico printed bags and shopping bags which start from a great $5. They are worth taking a look.

Overnight Bag – The over 40 woman is more likely to have a  bit more time on her hands for a weekend away or a night in the city. Upper End: If you really want to spoil mum and your budget is sky high, why not get her a Salvatore Ferragamo Travel Duffle Bag for just over $1,000   Lower End: Kate Hill ( has some great bags at very reasonable prices. Check out this Melbourne designers’ overnight bags for around $90. There is surely something to suit all tastes.

Bedspread – What mum wouldn’t love to sleep in a beautiful new bedspread. Obviously, you need to know your mums taste and what her room is like but here are two ideas. Upper End: For something fresh and feminine, take a look at Yves Delorme Lilibue range from David Jones. Very pretty yet sophisticated. Lower End: Target have a good range of styles and colours that won’t break the bank.

Sunglasses – In Australia, sunglasses are a must and again, you can never have enough. Upper End: Mum will look ultra sophisticated in a great pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from David Jones. You might have to beat me to the store for these ones, once I win lotto! Lower End: Mum will turn heads with these classic cat eye glasses from Sussan. For just $35, mum won’t stress if she wears them to the beach.

E-reader – Help mum join the new way to read books and magazines. Upper End: What mum wouldn’t love an Apple iPad? Lower End: Pick up a cute Kindle from Dick Smiths. It has Wi-Fi capabilities and cost around $180.

Candle – A beautifully scented candle is something that we rarely buy ourselves but can be such a great thing to have when you take a relaxing bath or simply entertain guests. Upper End: Mum will love a candle from Jo Malone. Their 2.5kg luxury candle in Orange Blossom for around $700 will blow her away and last for 230hrs. Lower End: Dusk have an amazing range of candles to choose from. If you are looking for something relaxing, try Dusk’s Allure – Harmony candle for around $40.

Leather Diary – Busy mums will appreciate a diary/notepad so they can organise their busy schedule and not forget any important dates. Upper End: Gucci have a gorgeous small agenda in a pretty soft pink that is something mum will be able to keep for years to come. You can also purchase refills. Lower End: Kikki.K has a big range of diaries. Mum might like this A5 leather time planner for under $40.

Teapot – By the time a mum hits 40, she should have a beautiful teapot to enhance her tea drinking experience. Upper End: Alessi have a wide range of modern tea pots that also look like a work of art. We likes the Michael Graves Ivory White Teapot for around $200. Lower End: Leaf & Bean by Davis and Waddell is an Australian Kitchenware Brand and have a great clear Chrysanthemum Teapot that is a great price at around $20

A Great Convertible Dress – A great, versatile dress is a must. It will be able to take mum to work, school functions and then out to dinner. Upper End: Donna Karen Infinity Convertible Dress is around $1,300 and will be something mum wears at least once a week-  or Lower End: Sasha Drake is a wonderful Australian designer who really knows how to design a dress to flatter any woman’s figure. Her Sasha Drake Ultimate Black Dress will become one of mums favourites at around $290.

Jewellery Box – If your mum has lots of jewellery but no where to keep it, think about getting here a jewellery box. Upper End: Samantha Wills is a jewellery designer worn by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Eva Mendes so why not make mum feel like a celebrity with  Samantha Wills Jewellery Chest for around $400. Lower End: If your mum likes lots of draws and compartments, take a look at this cute red jewellery box from At around $80, you might be able to get her a pair of earrings as well.

Good Shampoo & Conditioner – Once you get to 40, your hair become finer, dryer and as it greys it can become harder to manage so a good shampoo and conditioner is a must. Upper End: Nano Works Aging Colour Treated Shampoo & Conditioner is a real luxury that mum will love and thank you for. Lower EndKerastase Eloxir Ultime and Initialiste will pamper your mums hair with 24 carat golden splendour and leave it ultra healthy.

BB Cream – BB Creams are great. They are quick to apply and leave your skin looking flawless, so they claim. Upper End: Dior Hydra Life BB Cream is blended with Black Rose from France and is a great choice for aging skin. Lower End: Garnier  BB Cream is available on supermarkets and discount department stores but gets rave reviews. It has Vitamin C and covers imperfections and moisturises for around $10.

Something with Ruby– A 40th Anniversary is celebrated with the ruby stone, so why not give a mum who is turning 40 a ruby stone? (if Mum is 50, choose something gold and if mum is turning 60 choose something with diamonds). Upper End: A dazzling ruby bracelet from Effy will be something your mum will fall in love with. Lower End: Created ruby is going to cost much less but will still have that beautiful fire. Goldmark have a good range of earrings, including ruby drop earrings under $200.

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  1. An authentic designer handbag. Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, Dior, LV…. ever woman needs to own at least one beautiful bag.

  2. Any Mum of any age would be happy with that! What a fantastic idea – thanks for sharing.

  3. A nice massage always goes a long way.

  4. There is a company called Dial an Angel which provides different services ranging from elderly care, last minute babysitting, help with looking after your kids when you need some time out.

  5. That does sound like a great idea! A night out without kids is a great gift.

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