17 Bright Ideas for a Girls Night Out (or Girls Night In)

17 Bright Ideas for a Girls Night Out (or Girls Night In)

Our relationships with our female friends can be some of the strongest and longest lasting relationships of all.  The friends we meet at school, uni, work, mothers groups, our children’s schools and elsewhere can be some of the most influential in our lives.  So sometimes it worth celebrating these great friendships with a big old Girls Night Out (or any excuse will do really!).  From the sedate to the screwball here are some ideas to get you on your way.  Do you have a great place for a girls night out or have a great story – we would love to hear it.

Salsa Dancing – Liven your next girls night out up with a bit of salsa dancing.  For all the latest on where to go check out Sydney Salsa Scene, Melbourne Salsa or your local salsa studio for locations. Have a fun night out and get loads of exercise!

Night Out / In for Charity – Have a great night out and support a worth cause.  For the latest on charity events check out What’s On.  If you prefer a night in with the girls  the Cancer Council run “Girls Night In” during October.  Have fun with the girls and get everyone to donate what they would have spent had they gone out.  The money goes to help raise funds for all women’s cancers 

Mums Night Out – For Mums in Melbourne, check out the “Mums Night Out“.  A fantastic night organised for Mums to get out and party with their handbags to 80s music and the like. 

Home party – Have a party at home such as an Avon cosmetics party, a chocolate party – yummmmm by Chocoholics Anonymous or a candle party PartyLite .  Of course there is also good old Tupperware.

Roller-skating / ice-skating – Strap on your skates and go ice-skating or roller-skating. Have a great laugh reliving your past dreams of wanting to be Jane Torville or Olivia Newton John from Xanadu.  Head to the pub afterwards to continue reminiscing on your girls night out.

Karaoke – Every city has its karaoke hotspots.  Look out for Sydney Karaoke Bus which also run a disco bus and a hen’s bus. Here is a great list of party songs you can practice with before you hit the small stage with that microphone in hand.

Art Exhibition – For something is bit more calming check out a local art exhibition.  Think Carrie Bradshaw when she was dating the Russian artist in Sex and the City.  For the latest on exhibitions check out Time Outs Art section

Life Drawing – Loose your inhibitions with a life drawing class to get the night started. That’s a different girls night out.

Restaurants – Of course, we all know that going to a restaurant will our friends is a fabulous night, but it can also get expensive.  Check out the latest deals in your state at Vouchers In  where you can see all the best deals from all the deal sites around.

Bars – Go casual at your local pub or glam it up and head out for cocktails (or a mocktail if you prefer). 

Comedy Club – They say laughter is the best medicine – so make sure you get a dose.  In Sydney try the Comedy Store/, in Melbourne the Comedy Club  or check out the local comedy club in your area.

Theatre – Check out Showbiz .com for the latest in tickets for theatres, plays and more. A great girls night out and you can get all dressed up.

Harbour Cruise – From the calm to the crazy there is a harbour cruise for everyone.  Leave the stilettos at home and prepare for a big night.

Dessert Bar – Why bother filling your stomach with entrees and mains when you can just concentrate on dessert.  To find our the best dessert bars in Australia check out this review from Qantas.

Movies – Head out to see your favourite movie together.  Events cinemas at Top Ryde NSW offers a Chicks at the Flicks package which includes a glass of sparkling wine on arrival and gourmet food.

Cocktail Making – Do an interactive cocktail making class – and learn how to make all your favourites and design your own.  In Melbourne, try “my cocktail masterclass”  or Sticky bar in Sydney.

Psychic Parties – For a bit of fun and a look into your future have a psychic party.  Try Sydney Psychic Parties although I definitely fall into the skeptic category it looks like a laugh!

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