How to Give Your Abode a Brand New Vibe

How to Give Your Abode a Brand New Vibe

Every house becomes “old” at some point. Maybe you’ve lived there for a few years now and the clutter has started to pile up. Maybe you’ve had kids and they’ve made a mess of the place; plus, they’re getting bigger by the day, and the house seems to be shrinking as they grow. It’s no wonder that your household is starting to show signs of wear and tear if it’s been your home for many years. Of course, you don’t need to hold up the white flag just yet. Once the home starts to feel old and tired, many families decide that it’s simply time to move out. However, there might be potential life in your old house yet. Here’s some advice that might help you to give your abode a brand new vibe.

Do some spring cleaning.

The best way to fresh up your home’s interior is to do some spring cleaning. But why wait until spring? If you want to keep your home looking fresh then you should aim to keep it consistently clean and tidy. Still, this can be hard to do when your home’s a constant mess. Perhaps you’ve got kids who leave their things lying around everywhere, and the number of possessions in your home seems to multiply year after year. Clutter just grows if you don’t keep a handle on it. That’s why you need to tidy up your household and get rid of the things you’ve been hoarding. You could give your abode a brand new vibe if you do a bit of spring cleaning because you’ll be making it more spacious and minimalistic in design

Of course, you need to take the clean-up process seriously if you want to give your home a proper renovation. There should be a whole pile of bin bags full of your old possessions by the time you’ve finished decluttering your humble abode. You might even have old furnishings that you finally want to throw out and replace with better ones. It’s worth looking into a rubbish removal company that can help you by picking up the rubbish overflow if you can’t dispose of it all by yourself. It’s time to do some real spring cleaning so that you can get your home back into shape. You need to realise that there’s a lot of potential to your household if you just cut down your belongings to the essentials and let the rooms breathe.


Use centrepieces to bring rooms together.

You might have had a lot of fun during the decluttering process, but it’s important that you get the balance right when it comes to making your home more spacious. Obviously, it’s important to let rooms breathe in your house. When your abode is spacious, it feels warm and welcoming; you don’t have to feel cramped in your home. However, you don’t want to strip back your house’s design to the point that there’s nothing left. Your home needs some character if it’s going to exude a bold and fresh vibe. That’s why centrepieces can be so powerful. Something as simple as a rug in your living room could really add some colour and vibrancy to a room that’s otherwise rather plain in design. Minimalistic design is contemporary and it keeps your home looking “new” permanently; neutral colours such as white are bright and simplistic. However, you need to think of that minimalistic design as a blank canvas. Centrepieces are the little bursts of colour that add something special to a room. A colourful piece of artwork hung on your white wall will make it look a little less bland, for example. A beautiful signature furnishing can serve as a focal point that reignites a lifeless room.


Whilst we’ve talked solely about interior design, this might be a good time to mention that you could lift the appearance of your home by working on your garden. With the right centrepiece, your home’s exterior design could really shine. And this will help to tie your humble abode together. Your outdoor area is as much a part of the home as any of your indoor rooms, after all. You just need to see it as more than a patch of grass. And with a centrepiece such as a gazebo in the middle of the garden, this could be the case. You’d be providing a relaxing zone for the family to sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the garden too. Of course, you could go for something simple such as planting some vibrant plants or perhaps even trees to create a natural centrepiece in your garden. The point is that focal points will add a lot to your home.

Personalise the design.

If you really want to give your abode a brand new vibe then you should aim to personalise its interior design. The best way to fall back in love with your home is to remind yourself that it’s your home. Even a modern design means nothing if it feels too disconnected from you and your family. Put some framed family photos on furnishings to give rooms some character. You could put some souvenirs up on shelves to remind yourselves of places that you’ve visited together too. You could even personalise the design of your home by creating some handmade artwork to frame and hang on the walls. At the end of the day, the important thing is that your family members see their personalities throughout your home. That’ll give you a brand new vibe, but it’ll also give it a timeless vibe. And that takes us to our final point.


Utilise timeless styles.

There’s no point in making your home look “brand new” if you’re just going to end up at square one in a year. You need to keep your household looking fresh so that you don’t fall out of favour with it over and over again. The best way to do this is to utilise timeless styles throughout the design of your home. If you utilise trends then your abode is just going to look outdated once those “new” styles go out of fashion. You should focus on natural design. Wooden flooring is timelessly sophisticated, for example. Granite countertops could also give your kitchen a classic design. Your aim is to make your house look permanently brand new.

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