Great Weatherproof Ideas for Decorating Outdoor Spaces

Great Weatherproof Ideas for Decorating Outdoor Spaces

We are often guilty of neglecting our outdoor decor and taking care of our surroundings. We usually go for functional ideas to secure our homes, in hopes of making it withstand different weather conditions rather than choosing an aesthetic décor simply for the fact that it tends to be expensive to do both. However, if you are able to pull it off, you can transform a boring porch into a cozy and comfortable relaxation spot. It all comes down to how you can infuse a smart decorating concept.  One of the biggest mistakes people commit when it comes to decorating is just looking into the current season, instead of taking into consideration the differing weather conditions that would be inflicted upon the house in the future. This is especially true in countries of extreme weather conditions where sunshine and snow can be particularly strong.

While this may seem like it could cost a fortune were you to go for expensive items, it shouldn’t always be the case, for there are smart ways to go about creating a cozy atmosphere without necessarily having to break the bank. In the next few paragraphs, we will take a look at some décor concepts that can help transform your porch, lawn or patio into an amazing extension of your living room, and something which could tolerate the differing weather conditions.


While it may not appear as such at the outset, the task of furnishing outdoor can also become as expensive as indoor furnishing, especially if you are looking to style lounge/porch with chairs and sofas. Don’t worry too much though, for you can always get cheap furniture if you search long enough. A smart way to go about acquiring your furniture is to plough through yard sales, antique shops, consignments stores, and not to forget online portals like Craigslist and eBay. And remember, you can always bring old plastic and metal furniture to life by spraying with new colors and covering with patterned pillows and cushions.


You do not necessarily have to put only tables and chair on your patio. A creative outdoor décor can include; a bistro table, a seating area underneath your favorite tree, or chair placed in your garden or simply put a couch by the fire pit. This kind of innovative and versatile idea would be very helpful in both summer and winter seasons. Pulling this off requires that you carefully look around your house to find a spot that is both pretty and cozy enough for you to be willing to spend enough time there and then think of creative ways to furnish it.


A little personal touch can be different between a regular room and a stunning one; usually it’s what makes all the difference. Ambient lights, and sweet smelling plants could be all you need to make the leap from the regular to amazing in a twinkle of an eye. However, this doesn’t mean you should break the bank to get these item(s), one such example would be metallic prints. They’re cheap to buy, can feature any image you want and are completely weatherproof. There are a wide variety of things that can be done to make your outdoor décor look high-end.

Street Appeal 

If you are particularly concerned with first impressions, then you should seriously consider making an improvement on your front curb and try to add a charm to it. There are lots of ways to upgrade your home’s street appeal, so don’t get turned off by the thought of the effort involved as this can be done with relatively ease. All you need do, is repaint your home entrance a more vibrant colour, or change the entrance of your house to open it up and brighten the outlook. Other ideas might involve upgrading the outdoor lighting or even doing some minor landscaping to bring back the aesthetic appeal of the street facing aspect of your house.

There are thousands of pocket-friendly ideas that can give your home an instant lift and you do not require the help of a professional to get it done. So try using your mind to come up with new ideas and always think about the upcoming seasons when you plan on refurbishing your outdoor décor.

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