Hair Trends – 2013

Hair Trends – 2013

Want some bright ideas when heading to the hairdresser this year?  Check out these 17 bright ideas for hair trends this year – some straight of the catwalk!

Low Sleek Ponytail –dead straight hair tied at the bottom of the neck. Very straight and tied very low. Get out the hair straightener girls.

Ombre / Reverse ombre – last year it was about the ombre – dark on top and lighter ends. This year we see the reverse ombre also – lighter on the top and darker on the ends. More subtle shade differences are also in – moving away from the dip dyed look.

Coloured / Colour slash – Want to instantly update your look. Add a slash of bright colour using hair crayons

Pixie – cutting your hair super short is not for everyone but its easy maintenance and can look fantastic and striking.

Swept over / big side part – Hollywood glamour at its best. A big side part swept over with curls. Ooh la la yummy mummy.

Messy updo or “undone done hair” – this trend has to be the busy mums best friend. Put your hair up, and then mess it up a bit. This look has been hot on the catwalks.

Hair accessories – Don’t have much time to do your hair then tie it back and add a fabulous accessory – ribbon, flower, scarf, jewelled headband, jewelled clip etc.

Ballerina bun – A striking look for those with long hair. The bun is tied right on top of the head, or hair is parted in the middle and bun is at nape of neck.

Wet look / Slicked back – slick it all back or just the top part. Easy and dramatic and great for a night out.

Mid length / shoulder skimming – Flattering for most faces the mid length or shoulder skimming length is also practical. Many celebrities are making the move from the bob to medium length this year. You can spend time styling it if you have time, or quickly tie it back on those stressful days.


Messy waves – Beachy/natural waves are becoming a long-term trend. Grab some curls enhancing product and your curling wand but make it subtle.



Tied in a knot – yes really. Make it look like its tied in a knot.


Platinum blonde – This super sexy look is for the daring. It does require some maintenance though – expect regular salon visits unless this is close to your natural colour.


Braid– For some reason makes me want to start singing from the Sound of Music but the braid is big this year.



The bob –This year a blunt bob with a blunt fringe is popular.


Long layers with curl – always a classic  – long hair with layers can be worn so many different ways.


Long with straight fringe – the blunt straight fringe is popular with celebrities. Great for women with straight hair. Avoid like the plague if you have natural curls – all that straightening will drive you crazy.

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