17 Bright Ideas To Help New Mums Put Their Best Foot Forward

17 Bright Ideas To Help New Mums Put Their Best Foot Forward

Being the best Mum you can is dependant on many different variables. But, if you are able to give yourself room to try your best and you genuinely care about this pursuit, there’s almost no chance of you mucking things up. That being said, new mothers are often very interested in learning methods of starting off on the best footing possible. Here are 17 bright ideas that might help you to get off on the best foot possible:

It’s Important To Read – It’s essential to read about motherhood. Reading blogs you enjoy, reading the odd manual on motherhood and even posting your own opinions online can connect you to content worth digesting. You might not have the best network of other mothers around you, but reading the thoughts of others that have come before you can help you relate to others, and feel more at home in your new task of motherhood. Always remember that in the end, you make the decision on what you do and others opinions are just that….opinions.

Sleep – Sleeping well is essential to sustain yourself. This might sound ideal for some people, especially because babies are known to reduce our sleep, not improve it. However, taking naps, scheduling your sleeping well and making it a life priority can help you rest in the best way possible and help you sustain your energies in the long term. Housework can wait so try an nap when baby sleeps.

Share The Task – Sharing the task of motherhood can be intrinsically important. Discuss how you can share tasks with your partner. You might also decide to ask your parents for help, or your older children to pitch in where they can. You might consider sharing the task with your most trusted of friends. It’s okay to seek help, especially if this is your first baby and you are doing things for the first time.

Consider Your Purchases – It might be worth purchasing more sensitive-friendly detergent and washing products. Look for more gentle skin products that won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

Consider Noise – Could the noise of your household limit the sleep of your baby? It might be that housing your dogs in an alternate area of the house at night can prevent your baby feeling scared of the morning barks, or finally resolving those issues with your A/C unit could prevent them from suffering sleep quality.

Consider Pets – Not all pets are as timid as you’d like them to be around your baby. Consider their behaviour. Close the door to your child’s cot at night to prevent your cats from jumping up there out of curiosity, or put your cat behind closed doors at night. Considering your pets can prevent any potential harm from coming to your child and can help you consider the hygienic requirements of your child in the first place. Just remember that sometimes, not all pets are reliable to have around children. Veer on the side of vigilance.

Breastfeeding & Nourishment – Breastfeeding and nourishing your child are of course the best options, and sometimes it’s best to look for healthier alternatives. Alula Bubbahood offers education and products to help you make the most of this, allowing your child to gain the best sustenance possible, whichever choice you make. Don’t feel pressure to feed a particular way – do what works best for you and your baby.

Giving Yourself Space – Every mother deserves to give herself space. It can help her mental space and the ability to be the best mother possible. Even an hour or two a night can do it. Prioritize your time and allocate this time otherwise you may not fit it in.

Connect – Connecting to other mothers can help you feel a shared sense of community, even if this is just online. Join up to a Mothers Group or Playgroup. Even visiting your local park you may bump into Mums in a similar situation to you.

Accept Mistakes – This may be the #1 rule of motherhood: No mother is perfect! Don’t hold yourself to a ridiculous standard, just do the best YOU can.

Health Is A Priority – If you’re not healthy, your baby will struggle to be also. Health is a priority, from diet to sleep to emotional. Maintain what you can, seek help for that which you can’t. Get some fresh air by going for walks and talk to your medical practitioner about a multi vitamin.

Purchase New – New cots and new bottles are important. Be sure to spend where you can to ensure the hygiene of your child. Try to avoid buying a second hand car baby seat, if possible or look to rent one to make sure it is in peak condition for safety.

Prioritize Your Lifestyle – Know how to schedule your time, such as taking naps when your child does. Even if you can plan a day to work in a bit of ‘me time’ then you will always be a better Mum when you are happy.

Relationships – Your child should always come first, even if single. Relationships are a luxury, not a must. Remember that a baby can strain a current partnership, so be sure to maintain this where you can. Make time for a relationship within your schedule so you can be happy to balance both.

Memories – Don’t forget to stay present and appreciate the memories. They grow up too quickly for comfort sometimes.

Get Help – Postnatal depression is an incredible struggle. In extreme circumstances, Financial problems can lead to your baby lacking basic needs. Abusive homes need to be escaped from. Get help where you can and immediately if experiencing an issue such as these. Please seek help and stay safe.

Lifelong Learning – Remember, motherhood is life long. Don’t be afraid to make it a life long task of learning, as well as one of joy and challenge.

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