17 Home & Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

17 Home & Garden Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

The tools listed below are perfect for anyone who lives in their own home. You need to make sure that you have invested in each tool so that you can save time and money. Plus, you do not want to go out and buy all these tools every time you need to complete a new project. Use these steps to buy from a place like Ambler Direct when moving in.

1.  Screwdrivers

You need a flathead and Phillips screwdriver so that you can complete small and even assemble kids toys.

2.  Bolt Cutter

You need some kind of bolt cutter so that you can cut off locks or cut through heavy packaging.

3.  Scissors

You need a couple of good pairs of scissors. You also need left-handed scissors if you have someone who is left-handed.

4.  Hammer

You need a hammer so that you can hang picture and possibly tap down boards that are loose on the floor.

5.  Mallet

You need a mallet to make sure that you can do some of the jobs that a job would do with a little bit less force. A mallet cannot do the damage a hammer can do.

6.  Drill

You need some sort of drills so that you can easily get pilot holes drilled or screw in things that need a bit of extra force.

7.  Saw

A small saw will help you complete little projects around the house. You could get a hacksaw that will even cut through metal. The blades are also replaceable.

8.  Utility Knife

You can use a utility knife to open packages and cut through heavy pieces of drywall.

9.  Wrench

You need a wrench that is adjustable to that you can loosen nuts and boils in the house that might be moved for plumbing jobs or major assembly projects.

10. Pliers

You need pliers to make sure that you can grab thing and even twist certain wires together. This is a simple thing to use because it serves so many purposes.

11.  Flashlight

You need a flashlight for emergencies or when you cannot see what you are doing.

12.  Vise

A vise can be used to hold things together while you are building or completing a project. You can also use a vise to hold a tool to a table.

13.  Workbench

You need a workbench where you can get all your work done without using your regular tables or kitchen counter.

14.  Ladder

You cannot do many of projects if you do not have a ladder in the house.

15.  Voltmeter

You can use these product to check your outlets to see if they are still working and check power from appliances.

16.  Blowtorch

You need a blowtorch because it works in your kitchen for cooking and also helps to heat metal and wood.

17.  Paint Brush

You can keep a paint brush in the house for touch ups. Build up your collection of tools after you move into that you can care for the house. 

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