17 Bright Ideas for Home Automation

17 Bright Ideas for Home Automation

Home automation is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Home automation services are now readily available to all of us. You just need the right equipment and a trusted control panel, which can even be a smartphone, and you are ready to enjoy an automated home. Here are 17 of the best home automation ideas by Technology on Tap, home automation services:

Home Security

Home security is possibly the most important home automation around. Used to enhance security and protect your family, home security is taken to the next level when automated. Many home security automations link up to your smart device, whether it be a phone or tablet, and make the automation convenient and accessible.

1. All home lights activated to switch on during a suspected intrusion.

2. Access to your CCTV live stream through your smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

3. Doors automatically lock or unlock when you arrive or leave home.

4. Electronics create an impression that someone is home when the house is actually empty.

5. Doors lock automatically after dark

Smart Lighting

You no longer have to get up and walk around the home to switch all the lights off. With a simple control on your smartphone or touchscreen wall mount, you are able to control all the lights in your home as one, or individually per room.

Not only can you switch lights on or off, but with the right LED lights you can even dim or make them brighter to suit your moods and needs. With home automation, the possibilities with lighting are endless. 

1. Installed motion detectors which turn off lights in empty rooms

2. Lights automatically turn on when you arrive home after dark

3. Lights programmed to turn on or off automatically at certain times of the day

4. The ability to turn lights and electronics in an area on or off with a single button

Smart Music

Smart music through home automation provides the next evolution when it comes to how we experience music in our homes. You are able to stream music throughout your home, and even have different streams in different rooms, using your smartphone, tablet or streaming devices. You can really make your home your own.

1. The ability to stream music in every room in your home

2. Use different audio zones to play different music in every room

3. Control your home audio from your smartphone or wall mounted touchscreen control panel

Home Theatre

Visuals on a 4K television aren’t all that makes a home theatre experience. Take things to the next level with home theatre automation. Control the environment of the room you are watching in, control the volume, change streaming channels from your couch, and even turn your television on and off when you aren’t home.

1. Blinds close and lights dim when you press play on your home theatre system

2. Lights turn back on when paused is pressed

3. Pre-set the volume of your children’s television channels

4. Television turns on automatically when you arrive home

4. Turn children’s channels off at a predetermined bedtime

Personalized Home Automation The best part about home automation is that you can make it your own. There are so many options available to choose from to completely personalize it to you

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