House Rules for Kids Behaviour

House Rules for Kids Behaviour

Experts say that setting House Rules helps kids to behave better as they know what is expected of them and what is unacceptable behaviour.  Here are some house rules we have thought of.  Do you have any others to add?

No Fighting Over Toys

Keep Your Hands to Yourself


No Pushing or Hurting Others

Tidy Up After Yourself

Be Kind to Others

Listen to Mum and Dad

No Screaming and Shouting

No Bad Language

Use the Toilet Applicable for those of toilet training age obviously.

No Technology BeforeHomework No iphones, ipads, games etc

Use Your Table Manners

Clear the Table After Each Meal

No Going Into Daddy’s Shed Without His Permission

Bed Time is Sleep Time Go to the toilet beforehand, take your drink bottle with you, and settle down.

No Name Calling

No Touching Electrical Equipment


No Slamming Doors

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