How Do You Handle Your Kids Saying The Wrong Thing In Public?

How Do You Handle Your Kids Saying The Wrong Thing In Public?

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How Do You Handle Your Kids Saying The Wrong Thing In Public?

My almost 3 year old is going through a very ‘cranky’ stage. He can be very happy and sweet one minute then goes crazy and mad the next minute. I am putting it down to the ‘terrible twos’. I don’t mind so much when I am at home. If he is bad tempered and screams at home I just ask him to stop then go and do something else until he calms down. (I am sure my neighbours may not see this as the quietest solution).

The biggest problem I have is when we go out. If my son gets into a bad mood, he can say things that I wish he hadn’t. His favourite thing to say is ‘Go away old lady’ to any lady who happens to be nice and say hello to him. It is very embarrassing and is always followed by my apologies and explanations that he is over tired. I’ll then try to explain to him that he is not allowed to say things like that to nice people. The worst thing that he has ever said to a poor unsuspecting lady is ‘Why is your skin all wrinkly on your face?‘ I could have died from embarrassment that very moment. From memory I said a quick sorry and walked away very fast.

I was wondering how other people handle a situation where toddlers (or older kids) say the wrong thing in public? Should I try and get my child to apologies to the person he was rude to or do I simply ignore it in the hopes it is just a phase?

I’d love to hear your bright ideas on how to handle kids who say the wrong thing or let us know if you’ve had a similar story and what your kids said.


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