How to Avoid Damage to your Car When Towed

How to Avoid Damage to your Car When Towed

Whenever you tow your car, you are running the risk of doing damage. This risk is at its minimum when you tow correctly… but how many times in your life do you need to tow? For the most part, those of us hiring tow trucks have never used one before. In this instance, there are a few things we can tell you that will warn you about potential damage before it has a chance to happen!

Let’s take a look at those precautions in more detail. Avoiding damage when you are towing your car is easy when you are forewarned. Don’t panic, we here at have heard it all. There are very little car towing disasters we haven’t been called in to fix!

The Main Mistakes People Make When Getting Their Car Towed

When you have broken down by the side of the road your day is already going badly enough. To prevent it getting any worse, try to avoid the following things.

1 – Leaving the Brakes on!

When you park up your car you put the handbrake on, don’t you? What if you then attach a winch to said vehicle and try to tow it? Do you remember to take the handbrake off, or do you forget? Those who take the handbrake off have a much better chance of avoiding car damage. Dragging the car behind the tow truck along the freeway with the brakes still on? That is going to burn some rubber and probably lead to an expensive new braking system… Not good when your ca is already in the ditch.

Easy fix though: just remember to take the handbrake off before you set off.

2 – Where to Tow?

If you have a hook or bar on the back or front of your vehicle – then great. That hook or bar is specifically there to make towing easier. Under no circumstances should you wrap the winch cable around any other part of your vehicle as you risk destroying it. Similarly, you shouldn’t hitch the car up onto the tow truck and ‘hope’ it stays in place. Secure the car or risk losing it.

3 – What about Windows?

Don’t forget that those windows need to be rolled all the way up[i]. It’s one thing to have the window down while you are there to make sure it doesn’t blow everything around. It is quite another to leave a car with open windows to be towed. The high winds will stir up the car’s contents and scatter them all over the road. You may even cause an accident, and nobody wants that!

4 – Consider Professionals

Towing your car is one of the areas in life that you may want to consider leaving to us professionals. Your car is perhaps the second biggest purchase you make in your life and nobody looks forward to the day it breaks down. When it does, though, do you really want to make the problem worse by adding insult to injury? We don’t think so.

If in doubt, call in the pros. When your pride and joy is at stake there’s just no sense in taking the risk.

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