17 Bright Ideas On How To Be The Greatest Bridesmaid
Here's how to be the greatest bridesmaid

17 Bright Ideas On How To Be The Greatest Bridesmaid

Need ideas on how to be the greatest bridesmaid anyone has ever seen?If the excitement of seeing one of your closest friends getting engaged wasn’t enough, she’s also asked you to be a bridesmaid. Simply amazing! Once the initial thrill wears off, you’ll no doubt start to accept that this role comes with great responsibility too. It’s imperative that you repay your friend by being the coolest bridesmaid ever. So, here are 17 bright ideas to ensure that you pass that test with flying colours.

Build an emergency kit – It might not be the task that needs completing first, however, there’s no question that planning for things that could go wrong should be top of the agenda. Sewing essentials, tape, tissues, and perfume should all make an appearance. It’s almost certain that at least one emergency item will be needed on the day. Even if thou don’t end up needing any, knowing that they are available to hand can remove a lot of tension and panic.

Connect with other bridesmaids – In today’s social climate, it’s very common for a bride to choose several bridesmaids. Moreover, there’s a strong possibility that you won’t know all of them beforehand. Making the effort to get familiarised with them all, even if it’s only through Whatsapp or Facebook is key. And if you are part of the main group, make sure that you welcome the outsiders under your wing. Knowing that her bridesmaids are getting along well will put many of the bride’s fears to bed. This is one great tip to know how to be the greatest bridesmaid.

Get closer to the groom – The bride is inviting you to play a huge role in the biggest and most exciting day of her life! Therefore, she’ll naturally want you to enjoy a positive relationship with the love of her life. You don’t necessarily need to become best mates with the groom, but being comfortable around each other will be very rewarding. Above all else, you can become a source of communication between the two parties during those important wedding plans.

Get closer to the family too – There’s no question that the happy couple are the most important thing on the big day. However, this is also a unity of two families. As a bridesmaid, becoming friendly with both families can help you spot any brewing issues. Fighting those fires before they materialise will certainly win you brownie points with both the bride and groom. Most importantly, it ensures that you’ll be doing your part to keep the lead up to the big day running smoothly. Great way to become the greatest bridesmaid ever.

Liaise with the best man/men – Communication truly is such a vital part of the wedding preparations as well as the big day itself. If you’ve already spotted potential problems, you should express those concerns to the best man or men. By working together, you’ll be able to ensure that the day passes without any hitches. They might say that no wedding is complete without a fight, but it’d be a lot better if you could stop those dangers.

Buy her a present – Being a bridesmaid is a big deal, and you’ll want to show your appreciation. Of course, you’ll want to show this gratitude in person. Sometimes, though, the unsubtle touch is required. Customised gift baskets can be a particularly good option. After all, planning a wedding can be stressful and those goodies will help her relax. This can be immensely important during this crucial important. The fact it strengthens your bond is only an added bonus.

Offer to babysit – A lot of work goes into planning a wedding, and the happy couple will need time to do this. It’s very common for partners to have children before tying the knot. If this is the case for your friend, it’s worth offering your services for babysitting. A little child-free planning will allow the bride and groom to accomplish far more.(Great tip on how to be the greatest bridesmaid) Given that time is such a valuable asset throughout those preparations, this one step truly can make all the difference for both of the main people.

Consider guests’ needs – The day is primarily about the bride and groom. Still, they will want their guests to have the best time possible. Amidst the excitement, they could overlook very simple things. As the bridesmaid, you should remind them about issues such as vegetarian or gluten free diets. Similarly, potential problems with travel and accommodation must be considered. Without wanting to take charge, creating that list and giving it to the bride could save the day.

Accept her decisions – Every bridesmaid wants to be at her best on the big day but Deep down, though you know that it’s about her. So, if she picks out a dress that is only 90% perfect, just get on with it. Needless moaning will only cause more stress, and could leave her regretting her decision to ask you altogether. This is a big day, but your job is ultimately to serve your friend. Make sure that you don’t forget it.

Organize a killer bachelorette party – Before getting married, your friend will have one final chance to celebrate being single. Arranging a party is an essential part of those preparations and is the perfect chance for her to put her hair down. There are many great short vacation spots dotted around the country. Alternatively, you could arrange a quiet night with the girls at someone’s house. In truth, there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as everyone is involved and the bride is made to feel happy, the event will be considered a major success.

Talk to the bride – It’s probably the most basic responsibility of all. Still, the amount of bridesmaids that fail to provide that emotional support is incredible. As exciting as the process will be, there’s no doubt that she will have moments of doubt and worry. Being there for her at all times, whether physically available or not is key. Aside from allaying those fears, it gives you a chance to ensure things keep moving in the right direction. Given the amount of money that she and the groom have spent on the big day, it’s the least your friend deserves. Make her comfortable expressing her issues, and you’ll be in a far better position to solve them.

Arrange a surprise – The bride has been picturing this day for most of her life, and you’ve probably discussed it on many occasions. Budgets and practicalities mean that she’s probably missed out on some of the things she’d have liked. Booking a surprise for her, such as a wedding singer or band could provide that extra spark. In truth, this is something you should look to clear with the groom first as you don’t want any crossed wires. But it could be a truly wonderful thing to do.

Organise a Kitchen Tea – It is customary for many brides to have a Kitchen Tea. Organise an morning or afternoon with ‘the girls’ and include the Brides Mother, Her soon-to-be Mother In Law and any Grandmothers she may have. Typically guests will bring a gift relating to the kitchen or home. Try and organise some fun ‘getting married’ games and try your hand at baking a cake or a slice. Take a look at our list for quick and easy morning and afternoon tea recipe ideas.  

Lend her something – Traditions play an important role throughout the wedding process, not least on the day itself. The bride will want to wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue. By lending her a small accessory, you’ll be taking care of part three. Or you could go one step further by replicating that memorable episode of Friends where they ticked off several aspects at once. Either way, assisting the bride in her bid to keep up traditions can only have a positive impact on her emotions throughout the day.

Improve your look – When the big day finally arrives, it will pass by in the blink of an eye. This is especially true for the happy couple. The wedding photographs will allow them to reminisce for many years to come. Given that they’ll be looking perfect, it’s important that you do too. Make an extra effort to make your smile sparkle, and you won’t go far wrong. A great hairstyle will serve you well too. If nothing else, it’ll boost your confidence throughout the event and bring long-term personal rewards.   

Take disposable cameras – Those professional photographs will form a crucial part of the happy couple’s big day. Then again, those images aren’t the only option. Invest in some cheap disposable cameras and give them to the guests for a more candid representation of the big day. It’s something that many brides overlook, but would love to have. Given the presence of smartphones in today’s society, you could additionally look at the idea of having a Snapchat filter created. Either way, those additional photographs are sure to make the long-term memories all the more special.

Reciprocate the love – Ok, so you might not get married anytime soon. When you do, though, asking the bride from this wedding to return the favour by being your bridesmaid is awesome. It completes the cycle and will ensure that your friendship is even stronger. Moreover, the tips she’s picked up from your experiences should ensure that you gain a truly wonderful bridesmaid in the process. There couldn’t be a more perfect ending.

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