How to Control Your Online Shopping Expenses

How to Control Your Online Shopping Expenses

Online shopping has made it easy to purchase an unlimited number of items in just one click.  Not all purchases made online are worth the money. People tend to impulse shop a lot because of the ease of shopping online. For example, the number of women buying ladies’ shirts online has increased as well, although most women already have enough clothes to last them for a long time.

Online shopping is tricky and risky at the same time. Online shopping payments can be managed in a very subtle way.

Here a few tips which can help you to control your online shopping expenses:

  1. Say ‘NO’ to Window Shopping

The urge for shopping occurs when you look at the new arrivals in shops. If you have no self-control you will probably end up buying those things online. Having no cash available on the spot becomes a reason for your online shopping, putting the bill on your credit card has made shopping easy. Buying unnecessary items and then not using them is as bad as spending your money mindlessly. Window shopping can also be done online, scrolling up and down and looking at items is the same as physically walking past stores and looking at the items from outside.

  • Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information

At some shops and outlets, you are asked for your feedback and personal information like phone number and email ID. This information is fed in their systems and every time they have new arrivals or sale or any other deal, they send you messages. The best way to avoid this is to leave the personal information space empty. This is a psychological game, as they know that two out of five will end up shopping online after reading those messages. If you have given your information and are bothered by their alerts then you can simply block them. You should always shop according to your needs, and don’t get tempted by seeing the sale sign. Various companies have developed apps for blocking websites that interrupt your productivity, time and money.

  • Understand Marketing Techniques

Stores who give a percentage off on products are using their ploy. They know how customers will spend more money. If they have an offer of “Buy one get one free” you will buy it even though you don’t need it. Same goes for online stores, messages will pop up on your social media account and alert you about the chance you are missing by not buying their products. Free delivery, free packaging and hundreds of deals are just for the sake of attracting customers.

  • Set a Target for Yourself

If you love to shop then save money for your online expenses or set a target for expenditures. Your aim should be to shop within the target. This is a very useful method. Picking cash as the payment method for your delivery will help you to spend less online. Using credit cards should be avoided as they keep a track of your spending.  Who doesn’t want to save money but the question is How. One way is to keep a savings box and save a little every month.

  •  Set a Goal

Setting a goal will push you to save that money for something productive rather than spending on unnecessary online shopping. If you plan for a nice vacation then you will be very careful about online shopping too. Put more fun activities on the list to avoid going back to online shopping. You can also add food to your list, or try different cuisine from a different nationality every month. You can try these tips to see if they work for you or not. It’s okay to sometimes treat yourself and buy something online, but beware of fake websites though. Their authenticity can be verified by reading the reviews.

  • Delete Your Credit Card Details

Deleting your credit card information from a site after using it is another way of saving money. Because it’s going to take time to re-enter your information again, and this effort may discourage you. Deleting credit card information is also necessary to avoid identity theft. If you receive an update about an unusual transaction on your card then call your bank immediately.

  • Organize Your Wardrobe

People shop for many reasons, some shop because they think they need more while others think they don’t have anything. Decluttering your wardrobe is important as well, you will find many unused clothes in there. Decluttering will also give you an insight into how much stuff you have. Remove unwanted items from your closet and see how amazing you will feel. Wear the clothes you already have and forget about new ones. And donate clothes if you don’t need them.

  •  Unfollow Your Favorite Site

Online shopping sites have introduced multiple ways to keep their customers engaged. Their websites are designed in such an attractive way that you will find yourself strolling up and down their links for no reason. If you unsubscribe these pages your life will get so much easier.

  •  Shop But Don’t Pay

Have you heard about visual shopping, this is when you just look at items online to satisfy your need and not buy them. It’s a way of satisfying your visual needs, experts believe this can help people spend less money.


Online shopping is a very large business, it has made our lives easier. If we use this technology wisely we will benefit otherwise it will just be a bane on the economy. As more people spend irrationally the more they will get themselves into debt. Therefore smart buying is encouraged widely.

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