How to Create a Home Art Studio

How to Create a Home Art Studio

If you love getting creative, playing with paint and creating interesting sculptures or canvas, then there is probably part of you that would love a home studio. The great thing about art is that you can, most of the time do it in the smallest of spaces. Even a little corner in your home that is dedicated to art will work. 

Ideally, though, you have a spare room or a basement that you can use. 

Photo by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

Before you get started moving and placing things, give any room a once over. Make sure the floors are even and steady, check the ceiling for cracks or chips and call in the ceiling fixers if you need it, and check the walls too. This is even more important if you’re using a basement space. 


If you don’t have a room that you can dedicate – find a corner in a room that has more than one purpose. A laundry room, bedroom, or even if the living room will work if you want to. Pick up a desk or work surface from a thrift store and place it in the space. Then add a few shelves to hold your brushes and paints. 


You will need to really consider this before diving into it. Depending on the medium that you use, you might find your paint will never dry because of damp or humidity. So you may need to get some heating installed in the garage or have a portable heating option ready. 

Every room

If you like to use different rooms, then instead of creating a room for art, create a cart. Get hold of a food trolley, or a small kitchen island on wheels and fill it with all of your art materials. It can go from room to room with minimal fuss, and when the summer comes around, it can roll outside too!


If you want it to be as minimal as possible, then you can pick up a fold-down table that screws into the wall. It has countless storage squares, and when it is folded down, there is a tabletop and a sturdy leg to support it. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of space or love the minimalist aesthetic. 

Natural Light

One thing you are going to want a lot of is natural light so try to make sure that you choose somewhere that is blessed with a window. Remember that you probably don’t want sunlight directly on your work, but rather in the area in general. 


No matter where you choose to pitch up and paint, you should always consider the fact that paints, pouring mediums, sprays and more will require you to have a well-ventilated space. Making the window mentioned in the previous point even more enticing. 

The key ingredient, though is that you choose somewhere that you are comfortable and happy. So you can produce your best work, and enjoy the space you have created in order to so it. 

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